Sunday, January 13, 2008

wow that was nerveracking

OK so for the past several months cherise has had this top tooth that was clasified as a snagle tooth. It was dead and was not comming out but it stuck out really bad. I took her to the dentist and asked to have it pulled and he would not do it. Well I looked at it today and it was wiggly but not a lot but as I looked I noticed that her new tooth was comming out and it was underneath the snaggle tooth and it was comming in crocked. So I felt like I had to get it out. SoI had aaron hold her down and she cried but once I got it loose enough it finally just gave way. Cherise was sooo dang happy. It was soo easy to get out. ANd she said it did not hurt. But wow was I ever nervous that it was going to hurt alot. I am still shaking from that experience.
OK the picture is a terrible one of cherise but it shows the tooth i pulled. (And know she is not hurt in this she just has makeup and tatoos. LOL)


Kelli said...

It seems like they would try to pull it out if another one was growing in underneath. Weird. Well, I'm glad it worked out...Gracie would have probably screamed her head off even if it didn't hurt at all. Good job Cherise & Mom!!!

spaceyhawks said...

That is so awesome! Amazing how mom's know more than doctors sometimes. Who woulda thunk it???? Give my Ree-cee a big hug for me and tell her I am so proud of her, and you too missy. I couldn't have done it.