Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am sooo tired of the snow. They closed he schools her AGIAN!! When will it end. They are saying that it has not been this bad since 1968. But that does not make it easier. Plus jesse keeps telling me to keep the preschool open unless we loss power. Well I can honestly say with the road conditions and it actualy snowing right now I do NOT want ot go open the school. ohh well hopefully i do not get stuck agian.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Traci, This is to answer the many questions you had about my hair lol

ok so when I cut it the first time I went to the school and I cot a senior girl to cut it for me and she was a bit nervous because my hair was soooo long but I reasured her that it grows fast so if I do not like it I won't come after her. lol Yes it felt realy good to have it shorter but I did not like my layers so I tried one day to sut them myself and butched it. SO then I had to go to Fantastic Sams and get it fixed and it ended up much shorter then I wanted. Then I cried. But I know it will grow out agian so I keep trying to find new ways to do it so I don't scream about it. :)

About the color...I did dye it a red color and that is in the picture. It was just an over the counter dye. But as of right this moment it is not that color cause it grew out too fast so I had the bad roots showing. So agian i dyed it but just a light brown. Even with the new dye job though ther is still a good amount of the red in it.

Hope that answers your questions.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Here is a recent pic of me with my short hair. It is not the best becasue it was taken at the end of my work day but its ok.

its comming!!

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Wow I pulled out the decorations and got them all up. Cherise is soooo excited for this holiday. I am not really sure why but she is. BUt my house looks like love so thats pretty cool.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My birthday dinner with Aaron

So I was totally exhausted fromthe work day and the early hour I get up. BUt i was ready to go out and have fun with my hubby.

We took the girls over to Amanda's for the evening...They are soo awesome to watch all 3 girls so we can get out.

We purchased tickets for a 9:25 showing of Cloverfield ahead of time. This is important ot know for later lol.

We started out at Apple Bees where we had soome great food. Totally blew my callories for the day but who cares :) We had a blast ther joking around and making fun of people lol

Then we headed over to walmart. We wandered around and Aaron told me to buy myself stuff that I have been wanting. So I got a new robe, Watch, earings (star shaped really cute.), a pot for the Orchid Jessie got me, and other stuff. So we check out and go to the car to head to our movie. We hadn't really paid good attention to the time so we were shocked when it said it was 9:20. we hurried off to our movie. I wanted to put on my new watch but when I reached back ot get it out of the bag it was gone. So aaron said we better go back cause we prolly left it at the registar. Well I was upset that we were going to miss the begining of the movie but oh well its mostly credits anyway.

So aaron goes in and tells the register guy that we left them there. They look for a min and realize they are goone. Long Story short about this: The people behind us made off with our watches because that bag got left behind. (we did get them back :) So we were delayed alot by the events of walmart and we checked the time and realized it was too late to catch th movie. So we ask the theater got movie passes to see it later. They gave us some soo we will eventually go see a movie.

So we go grocery shopping and head home both of us a bit bunned that the night went the way it did. As we are getting things and kids out of the car we drop out bottle of apple cider we were going to share after we got the kids in bed. UGH!! I was too tired at this point to care too much but still sad.

SO the night did nto go like I wold have liked but its all good. I did have fun still.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

so today is my birthday

whoop do doo!! lol In the haze of getting to bed last night I was reminded (it was 1 am) that is was my birthday. Having been sad because my hubby did not remember I decided to remind him.

I said "Don't you want ot say something to me right now?"

He looked confused and said"umm I love you?" lol

I said "well thats nice but not it so you think about it for a bit."

He goes "ohh umm Good night?" Nope.....

So i said "never mind maybe you'll remember in the morning"

He said "ohh its your birthday soon...."

"oh soon?" i said

(he finally got it) "Happy birthday!" he said and kissed me good night.

Man he can not get hints lol but thats ok he said it then and agian in the morning. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

stressful week

OK so this last week was the week to beat all weeks in stress for me personally. First it started with Jesse's daughter getting sick so I needed to stay late on Monday. And to top it off on monday all the kids either did not get along at the preschool or were crying. THe one bright spot was that there was nor school due to weather on tuesday so I got to stay home. But then on wednesday I started watching 3 good kids at 5:45 am. And it is going to continue indefinatly. That would not have been to bad if jesse also still had a sick daughter and needed me to take over plus she had changed the schedule so that I started working till 4 instead of 1. so to end the week I had kids night out which I can admit was great fun but i was just sooo exausted. I got done with that at 10 pm and then went to the bar with Jesse and Tina and got home at 11:30. I then proceeded to pass out.

I am soooooooo glad its saturday!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


SO for Christmas the girls and I made Grandpa Gary a quilt. It was a simple one that I had sewn squares togther of yellow and blue and some that said "I love Grandpa" all over them. Then I let the girls use fabric paint and draw on the plain squares. Then I backed the quilt with a beautiful fleece with pictures of wild animals on it. I was worried that he would not like it tha tmuch, but he absolutly loved it. And then last night we got a thank you card from him and Karen and this is what Gary wrote:

"For some reason members of my family don't necessarily see me as "kind" or Sensitive" guy. That I won't really appreciate sentimental
things. To the contrary, I am very thankful for the quilt. It has
been and is one of the most important gifts of my life. One of those
things I would go back for in a fire. Thank you very, very much"

WOW. When I read that I started to cry. It touched me soo much to see that he does love the quilt and the work that the girls and I put into it. It has made my month for sure. Possibly my life too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

word to my peeps!!

Pictures of my sweet Kayla Lynn

With Kayla's baptism comming up I wanted to take some pictures of her in her dress for the cover of her program. So Amanda came over and took these great pics. I did nto post the one I am using....yet! it will come later.

This is kayla dn emily had fallen asleep on her while we were watching a movie! So cute.

Four Things...

Four things about me that you may or may not have known, in no particular order. The directions are at the end.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Cashier
2. House keeper
3. childcare worker
4. assistant director

Four places I have lived:
1. Spokane, Washington
2. Newberg, Oregon
3. Moscow, ID
4. California

Four TV Shows that I watch:(if I can stay awake)
1. Gossip Girl
2. Desperate house wifes
3. Medium
4. ER

Four places I have been (other than where I lived):
1. Alaska
2. Utah
3. Mexico
4. Canada

People who email me regularly
1. Mom
2. Traci
3. Naomi
4. Joanns Fabrics lol

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Almonds
2. Taco time crips bean burrito and ranch :(
3. Almond roca and white chocolate italian soda (want one right now YUM)
4. popcorn with extra butter and season salt

Four things I look forward to in the next year
1. maddy starting school
2. losing more wieght
3. warmer weather
4. getting more out of debt

If you have read this, tag you are it. Copy and paste on your blog with your own answers ((I know you all want to take mine, but you can't have them ;-) ))

Sunday, January 13, 2008

wow that was nerveracking

OK so for the past several months cherise has had this top tooth that was clasified as a snagle tooth. It was dead and was not comming out but it stuck out really bad. I took her to the dentist and asked to have it pulled and he would not do it. Well I looked at it today and it was wiggly but not a lot but as I looked I noticed that her new tooth was comming out and it was underneath the snaggle tooth and it was comming in crocked. So I felt like I had to get it out. SoI had aaron hold her down and she cried but once I got it loose enough it finally just gave way. Cherise was sooo dang happy. It was soo easy to get out. ANd she said it did not hurt. But wow was I ever nervous that it was going to hurt alot. I am still shaking from that experience.
OK the picture is a terrible one of cherise but it shows the tooth i pulled. (And know she is not hurt in this she just has makeup and tatoos. LOL)

puzzles fun?!? Jury still out.

A parent at the preschool gave me a $25 gift card to Joanns for being her sons teacher. He isn't comming anymore and I am going to totally miss him. Anyway I went to joanns and got some fabric and a puzzle of a sunflower. I thought it would be fun to put a puzzle together because I used to do them with my father when I was growing up.

So I spent a good part of the day yesterday doing this 1000 piece puzzle and got really no where lol. I had to put it away cause it was frustrating me. oh well maybe better luck next time. lol
This is the puzzle I got. Its called a Photomosaic. Its lots of tiny flower pictures. I included and example of the pieces but they are smaller then you see on here. SO its really hard to find the matches lol. But I have a feeling I will finish it sometime.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I thought this was too funny and I knew that not only does it apply to me but to many of you that come here LOL

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You Are a Purple Crayon

Your world is colored in dreamy, divine, and classy colors.
You hold yourself to a sky high standard, and you are always graceful.
People envy, idolize, and copy you without realizing it. You are an icon for those who know you.
And while it is hard to be a perfectionist, rest assured it's paying off!

Your color wheel opposite is yellow. While yellow people may be wise, they lack the manners and class needed to impress you.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Diet update

OK so I don't think I have done this on here for a while now. Since the begining of November I have been tracking my calories and trying to eat only 2500 calories a day. It has been a bit of a struggle since I gave up pop and late night snacking. I did not however give up on my favorite foods I just now eat less of them. Going out to eat is now done maybe once a month and I have a great calorie book that tells you all the calories in every food and restaruant food out there. Everyday I journal my food and keep track of my calory count. It has actually been fun for me and interesting to find out how much is in my favorite foods and how much I most likely consumed in calories before starting this.

So since the begining I have lost a total of 12 pounds. Thats 2 months worth of work right there. Now I haven't been working out or really excersizing any more then my normal roughtine of work and cleaning. I hope to start excersizing more when I reach a certian weight. I am being super vidualent abotu drinking water and I am taking vitamins that help support wieght loss and give me essential nieutients. one of my goals right nw is to feel comfortable in a bathing suit for this summer. I really want to take the girls to the pool and beable ot feel like I can swin there too. Here are some of the suits I have found that I want to beable to wear this summer: (the top one is my fav for this summers goal, the bottom one is my fav for maybe next summers goal :)

ohh I am sooo bad!! lol

I stole!! lol pictrues from Tracis photo bucket. lol Here they are:

There is my Traci with her hubby. Awww sooo cute!!
And when I saw this picture I dies. This is by far the best ever picture I have seen of little Gracie. I just love this. I miss all of these people soo much. If I had one of Kelli she would be up her too.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

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So it hasn't really been a bad year. But I am totally looking forward to starting a new one.

Last night I told the girls they could stay up to ring in the new year. And they made it. Better then me I fell asleep at 11:30 lol. Luckily i woke up at 5 to midnight lol. We rang in the new year, gave hugs and even danced a little. Then we all went to bed...Well all but Aaron who stayed up tp play W.O.W.

SO I got hit by an idea at about 6:30 last night. I did not want to ring in a new year with all the clutter of the past year in my house. Now my house was pretty dabg clean allready becasue I have been home all week, but there were definate areas that needed some attention.

I started in my bathroom. I organized and threw out anything that we really did not need in there. Then I did a little of my bedroom (some I just wasn't willing to tackle in the evening). Then I went into the girls playroom. It is always totally trashed and with new christmas toys it seemed to be even worse then ever. So I orginized it, threw out a bunch and gave the girls new rules. THey cleaned thier bedroom while I was in there. It looks really great in there. Finally I asked aaron to empty every garbage in the house. It just seemed wrong to have our garbages full of 2007 trash when it became 2008. So now it is a new year and I feel great about out home.

Happy New Year Friends!!