Friday, May 18, 2012

A change

I am excited to share with everyone that I am moving classrooms in two weeks. I will no longer be teaching toddler. I will be tackling the wild preschool class. I am sad to be leaving the toddlers but some of them will follow me in a few months. The preschool class is in dire need of a teacher they will respond positively to and I know all of those kids personally so I know that I will succeed with them where two other teacher have struggled so much. I know it will have challenging moments but they will help me to grow into a better teacher. I am super excited to teach thing to kids who have a higher understand and bigger vocabulary. I am super duper excited. :)

Caterpillar to butterfly week

This week in toddler land we talked about caterpillars turning into butterflies.

Caterpillar art-I cut a circle (the size of a standard paper plate) out of white construction paper, for each toddler and let them color with markers and my dot markers. You could make these colorful in so many ways. Them I made a caterpillar head out of scrapbook paper (12x12 sized). After their circles were dry I hung up the head of the caterpillar and then used the circles for his body. The kids just love talking and pointing out the caterpillar to everyone.

Butterfly art-this was originally going to be a shape project but I ended up making it look more realistic. I cut out two wings out of red poster board and the head and body out of black poster board. Then I drew 5 (I have 10 students) shapes on one of the wings and when I was satisfied I had taken up enough room and made sure the shaped were all about the same size I cut them out and used them as templates to cut the same shape out twice with white card stock (for the kids to color on). **now when you go to let the kids color on these remember you need the shapes to correlate with each wing so I put X's on the backs so signify that the kids had to color on the fronts. Then you don't have to ask them to do it again because teacher made a mistake. Lol**
I let each kid color with markers and then glue different colored tissue paper pieces. They had a blast with it. When the prices were dry I taped them up on their spots. The kids love talking about the butterfly all day long. :)