Saturday, January 05, 2008

Diet update

OK so I don't think I have done this on here for a while now. Since the begining of November I have been tracking my calories and trying to eat only 2500 calories a day. It has been a bit of a struggle since I gave up pop and late night snacking. I did not however give up on my favorite foods I just now eat less of them. Going out to eat is now done maybe once a month and I have a great calorie book that tells you all the calories in every food and restaruant food out there. Everyday I journal my food and keep track of my calory count. It has actually been fun for me and interesting to find out how much is in my favorite foods and how much I most likely consumed in calories before starting this.

So since the begining I have lost a total of 12 pounds. Thats 2 months worth of work right there. Now I haven't been working out or really excersizing any more then my normal roughtine of work and cleaning. I hope to start excersizing more when I reach a certian weight. I am being super vidualent abotu drinking water and I am taking vitamins that help support wieght loss and give me essential nieutients. one of my goals right nw is to feel comfortable in a bathing suit for this summer. I really want to take the girls to the pool and beable ot feel like I can swin there too. Here are some of the suits I have found that I want to beable to wear this summer: (the top one is my fav for this summers goal, the bottom one is my fav for maybe next summers goal :)


Kelli said...

Twelve pounds is awesome. I bet you feel better too in general just taking care of yourself and such. are doing great!

Nicole Campbell said...

Hey! I love those suits, they are so cute! You rule, I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see you guys. Maybe you can be my diet partner. lol, I need some help! Congrats girl, love ya!

Nicole Campbell said...

You need to add me as a friend! :)