Friday, November 20, 2009

Hmm interesting

Ok so I had a realization. My parents are not cool. When we were going to church but having soo many financial issues, they helped us out financially and came to see us and did stuff with us. Especially my mom, we would talk on msn all the time, and she would come kidnap me and take me away. But now that we do not go to church and are not doing things they approve of they hardly speak to me or the girls. They don't seem to care about us as much. It makes me sad that church is something that makes you closer to people but if you don't go then you do not get that. Why can't you have friends and your family and still not have to go to church. There is no point in going if all you are going for is to get friends and socialize. Plus I am not willing to give up one of the two days a week I have to relax and get myself in order agian before i go back to work.