Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bit of a rant

I am working my ass off to make money along with aaron. But i am trying soo hard to conserve money too. I took up recycling to reduce the cost of our garbage. I wash in cold not so I can save electricity. And I try to keep lights off and stuff to just keep costs down. And my husband keeps on doing the oposite. Ugh I just wish I could make him understand how important it is to conserve. Ok rant over lol

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

to my new life

ok so its the same life just with great new twists. I totally love my job. It ofcource has its moments but I can see being there for a long time. My assistant is really nice and great to work with. THe house we moved into is pretty good too. I can not say that i love it because it smells of cat pee and is lacking in storage but it is a place to live and the kids are close to the pool, gracie and others that they can have fun with and they have never really had that. I am happy. and it has been a while since I could actually say that. So here's to happiness and a twist on my life that was much needed.