Sunday, September 23, 2007

My how things change LOL

Well we will start by saying that we are not moving to Utah for now. It just is not the time for us. We still have things to accomplish here.

Things are going great at the preschool. I am working less hours but bringing home more money then before so that is just great.

The kids started school and my free time is hard for me to except but welcome to take lol. I know that probably is confusing but its like this. I have been workiing all day shifts for wow soooo long at the preschool that by letting me out t now 1:30 is taking me some time to get used to. If I am not hanging out still at the preschool I am laying on my couch at home. lol But I will say this, My hoiuse is very clean and has stayed clean for a time now. And that is awesome.

SO Kayla is turning 8 on next tuesday. We are so excited for her birthday. She gets to have a friend party this saturday and she can no be more excited. She is haveing a Hanna montana theme lol. Anyway I am excited because she gets baptised next month. We do not know when exactly yet but we will soon I am sure.

oh yea I am getting her a hampster and making her a big quilt for her birthday so I am very excited about that too.

Aaron started playing soft ball on Jessies team. He is having a ton of fun so far. He is planning on trying out for the WSP agian. I am really trying to encourage him in this.

Well that is my update for now
talk to you all later