Sunday, December 30, 2007

For my hubby..he knows its true :)

Woman Vs Man
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Reflection time

Well with the new year comming I thought I would take some time to reflect on this past year.

Our family lkjjkll;lkj'a

ManI like to BS alot. lol OK so for real I am just sad that I am not near my best friends. ANd knowing that we had a small chance to go down there and we did not do it kinda makes me sad. But at the same time Aaron is making more money and we have developed some good friends here.

We have stopped going to church. I just do not feel like we belong there anymore. I believe in everything the church stands for and all but I just don't feel like I fit into our ward. Even Aaron feels that same way. That is unfortunatly why Kayla has not gotten baptised yet. We just haven't been connected to anyone there and so us not going made it hard to arrange her baptism. I told our families that is was because of the weather and how busy we are but that is only a small part.

We told our girls we woud go today but I still don't feel like going. I don't really know what to do to feel like I want to go either.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas was really great!

Well I can not show you photos just yet but I will soon.

We went up to my parents on christmas eve. It was nice to see them. They got the girls these cute books with thier names writen into the story. I can not wait to read 'em to them. They also got to sled for a bit in the snow. They had great fun. Then we had dinner with them and headed off to see my sister Naomi.

Naomi has yet another new boyfriend, he seems really nice though. Anyway we gave everyone a picture of the girls that was sooooo cute. But I had left her gift up and my parents incase we did not see her. So I felt bed when she gave me my gift (but only a little) lol. She got me some bath stuff and her boyfriend gave us the New Transformers movie. That was totally awesome of him. Then off to my in-laws. Busy night lol.

We spent the night at my in-laws. The girls were very excited to see them. Infact all day they asked when we were going to get thier. lol. SO we put the girls to bed and put out the pluthera of gifts under the tree.

When the girls woke up they were soo excited tosee all the gifts. We were going to start right away in opening but the girls were HUNGRY!!. LOL so after some breakfast we started opening presents. Cherise totally dove right into getting presents and tearing them open. It was caous for a little while but we resolved it pretty quick. The girls got so many great things to keep them entertained.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ohh sooo ridiculas and funny

OK we have some pretty imature downstairs neighbors. For the past several minths we have been dealing with their load music after the girls go to bed. We were first asking them nicely to turn it down until the last time when we asked the guys slammed the door in Aaron's face. SO then we decided to just call the police. We have had to call them about 4 times now. One time was 2 am when I had a child throwing up and really sick.

Well on friday thier music was on sooo laud that it was shaking the whole dang house so we called the police even though it was only 9:30 pm. Well they got a second ticket for noise and one of the guys that lives there got taken to jail because he had a warrant.

When the police left one of the guys down stairs came up and banged on our door. Aaron answered it and the guys starts going off on why we keep calling the police instead of just asking them to turn it down. Then he says that WE have cost them $600 in fines so far. And he had to point out that it wasn't even 10 pm. And Aaron tells them well keep your music down and this won't keep happening and points out that we have children trying to sleep. Well they guys still argues that we can just tell them to turn it down and that they will keep it down but that they can hear our children running around up here. OHH it was a good thing for him that i was in pajamas cause I wold have come after him for that. lol. Well what ever aaron says we will try to keep the kids quieter (UGH!) and the guy goes.

SO we get a call from an officer after that and he is warning us about what happened to them and to watch out for them to retaliate agienst us for all of this. OK so we will becareful.

OHH then they show thier true imaturaty. We have the police show up her the next after noon at around 12 . And they say they were called out for a noise complaint saying there were loud banking and stuff happening. Ahh Man! OK so I explain to them that it was our down stairs neighbors being retards because we called the police on them for noise. The noise they are hearing are my children just being kids and playing. I told them that they are trying to retaliate agienst us because they got fines and thier buddy went to jail for his warrent. They agreeed that this is stupid. They saw my girls and totally seem to understand what was going on. I even told them how they guys downstairs demanded we just tell them when thier music is too loud and i told him we started out politely asking them to turn it down and got a bad response and that this has been going on long enough that they should know by now where to keep thier music at. Plus We are not thier parents and should not have to control them. lol the policemen totally agreed with that one. Dang I have enough kids to worry about I do not need to worry about some stupid college students.

ok there it is. I don't know what will happen next but it will be intresting to find out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If you haven't done this yet and are reading it: Tag you are it! :-)

1) Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Well man thats a hard abotu some hot chocolate with a little egg nog. YUMM!!

2) Do you wrap your presents or not? Wrap..I am pretty OCD about that one. They have to be perfect

3) Colored lights or white? well this yea i have collered and last year I had colored and the year beore I had i sound soo racist lol.
4) Do you hang mistletoe? NO never have

5) When do you put up your decorations? Well this year I put them up the day before Thanksgiving but normally I do it the day after

6) What is your favorite holiday dish? Well I would have to say the sweet potatos that Karen makes are my new favorite

7) Favorite memory as a child? playing a scavenger hunt for our biggest present from Santa

8) When and how did you learn about Santa? I walked out into the livingroom and caught my family wrapping presents then the next morning found those presents under the tree addressed From Santa. I was 12.

9) Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Growing up? NO but i do let my kids open one and it is always pajamas.

10) How do you decorate your tree? well normally its set it up, then lights and garland and then let the kids loose with the ornaments of thier choosing. This year I did a theme of black red and white, with ribbons, and only certian kinds of ornaments,

11) it or dread it? I like looking at it and watching my kids play in it but I do not like being in it or driving in it.

12) Can you ice skate? yes..kinda

13) Do you remember your favorite gift? yes actually it was a little brown teddy bear that smelled soo good. It got stolen somehow and sometimes I wish I still had it.

14) What is the most important part of the holidays? Well in top of remembering Christ and all he gave for us, I say the giving. I love giving gifts.

15) Favorite holiday dessert? Pumpkin pie

16) Favorite tradition? Well we just started one this year but I am certian it will be my all time favorite. We are doing the 12 days of christmas Each night the girls and i gather around a read a christmas story and then they get to open a small gift (not one of thier christmas presents though:)

17) Favorite Christmas Carol? Silent NIght

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ok so this is sooo crazy. We are doing a christmas program for the preschool and it has potential to be a great one. But Jessie is making it so complicated and Lnzie is not pulling her weight and I feel like I do not even really know what is going on.

I just came home from a practice session at the school and i totally feel like crying. Its crazy. The kids are wound up. Jessie is crabby and I am lost. lol

Well it will be great I hope. I just have to get the skirts all done
This is my tree this year. I love it. I can not believe I waited this long to have a themed tree. lol