Monday, May 21, 2007

My graduation speach

OK so the preschool is having a graduation on the 30th of May. I am speaking before my kids graduate. I thought I would share my speach with you.

When you see bubble what to you think of? Maybe a bubble bath after a hard day, or dishes that need to be washed, maybe even childhood memories. When a child sees bubbles they think of faries flying around the forest,babies that need pretecting, bees needing to be swatted, and other fun ways to pop them. When I was watching these children as they chased the bubbles around the play ground I realized that they are bubbles. I will tell you about these bubbles.

They are bubbles of energy. It seems never ending. Especially on day when mine gives out sooner then I would have liked.

They are bubbles of curiosity. In their mind no place is off limits and every discovery leads them to thier favorite question...WHY??

THey are bubbles of obedience. We see they listen to us by the way they remind thier friends of the school rules.

They are bubbles of imagination. In case you did not know, any object can be made into a hammer, even a Barbie.

They are bubbles of excitement. This is why they can't help but run everywhere, even after many friendly reminders to walk.

They are bubbles of expression. The shouts of joy can be heard for miles when they are told that it is time to go outside to play.

They are bubbles of love. No matter what they are doing they are never to busy to give or recieve a hug.
Finally they are bubbles of enrichment. Thier energy, curiosity, imagination, excitement, expression, and love make every single one of them the biggest most beautiful bubble of all.

Now this is not the final draft. I still have some tenses to fix and i am rewording some but it took me forever to take home even a rough copy to post on here lol. SO you will get the jist of my speach and hopefully it all goes well on graduation day.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

my troubles at work

OK so I know i have complained alot about the preschool I work at. And I was so stressed out by how much they used me on tuesday that they sent me home and I did depression shopping...never good. But wednesday morning I was told by Jesse that she wanted to have a talk with me and so we went for a walk. It was awesome really. She said they felt they have given me too much to be incharge of and it has not brought the best out of me. She wants the old me back. The one who was excited abotu teaching and doing crafts with the kids and such. So they did take me off salary which sucks but they will not charge me for child care during christmas break and such. And they are going to help me get back on government assistance by providing me with a lower pay stub or something so that we are just under the amount we can make and qualify. It was a great talk and i am glad I had it. I still wish i was making more but I know that they want to pay me more also. So things are starting to look up now and hopefully will stay that way.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The best thing my mom could say

I was talking to my mom yesterday morning and she was saying how she read my post about family and how they never really know you. She said that is sooo true because she has noticed how much stronger and more sure of myself I am since I lived with them. And it is true I have found alot of myself in the past year. Its really nice ot have confidence in situations that in the past I totally lacked. Now if I can just gain the confidence in myself to approach my bosses abtou needing more money and it being unfair to charge me for my own childcare.

A friend made this point about me p aying for child care while working at a place my children attened: "It is like someone making some food for you and telling you you have to eat it and that you have to pay them too. " Just does not make any sence. And all the child care centers here in my town do not charge thier employees for thier children comming.

So my options are to just stick it out and hope it gets better, tell them they need to give me a raise and that I won't stand for it anymore, or quit and go to another daycare where I can make as much as I am now and work more then helf the amount I am now.

Its going to be an intresting ride follks, Hold on!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I had a bad day

Well ofcourse its going to happen to everyone sometime.

Yesterday at the preschool it was sooo stressful because of our numbers that I totally lost it.

I feel like I should not be a child care provider this week. That last scentence makes me actually laugh. Every mom and dad out there I am sure has felt that way about thier children. BUt here I am with my own kids and I can't stand the way I treated other peoples kids yesterday.

My poor girls are suffering, I feel, because of my job. I mean yes, they get to have fun playing at the preschool and stuff but when we get home I feel like I just don't want them to excist. I am tired of dealing with all children and I take it out on them.

I know that this current emotional state I am in is a temperary one and that once i am more regulated I will have a better day but I still feel I will be horrible for my girls. Well I guess this is something to work on now.

Monday, May 07, 2007

forever running in circles
the destination unknown.
everyone wondering
which way I will choose.
Uncertiantly clouds the way
I need to see a light.

There is a glimmer
high in the sky
its hard to see
the clouds part
I see it clear
I will follow the light.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I found this on Post Secret. It goes out to you. You know who you are. :))


Wow this is kind of in addition to my new fashion. As most of you know I have gotten into making necklaces and stuff. Well I really got heavily into it because my mom wanted a neclace for her horse as a training device. Then I realized how much fun it was comming up with designs. So I made a ton. I even tried selling them on Ebay. And while I sold some I did not make enough to feel like it was worth keeping up. So I stopped making necklaces for quite while.

Then I was watching a show of mine and saw this 3 stran silver necklace one of the actresses was wearing and fell in love with it. Well I realized that I could make that easy. So it got me to go out and look at the beads and such and I started making necklaces that went with my new wardrobe. They were great and inspiring. And now I have soooooo many necklaces lining my bathroom wall that I could almost wear one each day for a month and not wear one twice.

Its Crazy!!!.

I would really like to design some and try selling them agian but I struggle with that idea because it takes sooo much effort to sell items like this. Well it is something I will have to continue to ponder as time goes by.

But I really do enjoy making these and I will try and get my scanner set up today so I can post my favorites and such on here.

***Dang Camera broke***

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am suppost to go to ashleys shower next week not entirely sure I really want to but i probably will. Its just that I am having a hard time with that side of the famil right now. The whole wedding bisness is driving me nuts. It started with Ashley wanting me to make brides maid dresses to making the girls dresses and then with me going to Traci's wedding. And you just know that they talk about you when you don't flow like they were hoping you would and i know I should not care about talk but I do. I vented to Jesse, my boss, about it yesterday. She said family is over rated lol. it is sooo true because you find that your friends, true friends, become closer to you then you family.

Kelli says
"many times family doesn't even know the real you even though they think they do because they are "family""

This was my conversation with Kelli this morning. Now I love my family. Yes they can be hard to understand sometimes but I believe that is true with most. But when you marry into a family it can either be really hard to understand or easy. Some have it worse then most. I definatly dso not have it bad just rough at times.

Pretty in pink

I just painted my toe nails a metallic hot pink and I love it. I have become way more bold in my fassion. ANd not just nail color. I bought a pair of cargo, light olive green capris. LOL I never get things like that. Everyone at work even parents of the kids agrees that I have lost weight and dress with style. These are all things that I have wanted to hear for soooooo long and just have not. Not that my style was horrible just affordable and comfortable to a fault. But not I feel comfortable and have definatly less i feel fat days then I usually do. I feel good!!