Saturday, June 28, 2008

being a girl is hard

OK so Kayla who is 8 wanted to have a sleep over with her two best friends. So I took all 5 girls to the pool after work and we went and got pizza and then the girls started playing. Well they seemed to be doing great until I started going to bed at 10.

One of her friends said she wanted to go home cause she missed her mom. So We called mom and mom said to hang out for a half an hour and then see how she felt after that. Well I went to bed after that and left th 3 girls in the livingroom to watch movies. Aaron was playing the computer so they were not totally alone. But I guess the one friend did not want to stay after that 30 minutes because she called her mom agian and went home.

So it was kayla and one friend. But then soon after the other friend wanted to go home too. So Aaron came in a told me he was taking the other friend home too. Well this morning Aaron told me that Kayla went with him and after he dropped off the other girls she started to cry. I guess the girls really wanted to go home because each wanted to do something different and couldn't agree on what to do. Put that with the fact that the past 2 nights they have been at each others house and you have a bad situation.

So now I have my sweet Kayla soo sad because her two friends abandond her on a night she had been looking forward to all week long. I am soo sad for her. I hope I can do something to make up for this dissapointment. I know aaron does not understand why this happened at all. I do unfortunatly having been a girl dealing with this stuff when I was young.

Being a girl is hard!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5-HTP or Prozac

So I have been on prozac for just over a year now and I am not sure if I should stick with that or go on to this 5-HTp stuff that heather turned me on too.

About two months or so ago Heather told me about 5-HTP which is a saratonin suppliment and works like prozac. So I stopped taking Prozac and started taking that. My hope was that it would work just the same and then I would not need to see my doctor every 3 months to get more. Well I tried it for over a month and I wasn'tsure about it because that time was a very stressful time for me so i wasn't sure if it was the 5-htp or just the unusuall amount of stress that made me wakky. So I stopped the HTP for some time and now have been back on prozac. I feel great but the stress has also been taken away too. So now I am faced with the dilema of going back to the doctor here soon to get more prozac or go back on HTp to try one more time now that things have calmed down. So I need an opinion on all of this.

For those that have not heard of HTp I have included some links that I used to research it before I started taking it.

Any advice you can give me would be helpful. Thank you


Monday, June 23, 2008

ok ok more of my cat lol

OK so maybe I like my kitty a little too much. lol but how could I not when he is soo cute. Here are some way cute photos of him while sleeping. I just could not resist showing them off.

These are of him with kayla. I guess she is a nice bed. :)

Random Pics

Here are some random pictures of the girls that I thought were way cute.

Maddy with her hair in pig tails. I love how it stick straight up. :)
Maddy onm her bike at the preschool. She was being a ham about showing me how she can ride.
Cherise with her cool sunglasses.

OK hit is funny because half the time Maddy will sneak in at night and climb in bed with Kayla. Well on htis morning maddy had actually pushed Kayla out of her own bed. (kayla is in the bright blanket on the floor) LOL

Kayla with her big sun glasses. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

up at grandpas farm

So we went up to my parents this last weekend and cherise decided at one point it would be fun to play with the wheel barrel. She looked like she was having soo much fun. LOL

Oliver and his best teddy

The p[ink teddy is cherises and no matter how many times Iput it back in the girls room Oliver still manages to pull it out to play. Its really cute to see him drag it around the houdse.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Oliver the tiger

I love my ca soo much. He thinks he is a huge tiger lol. Plus he thinks Kayla is a cat too.

A few days ago he was zooming into the livingroom and I suprised him and he went SMACK into the sliding glass dorr. lol He is a dork.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

our first trip to the pool

Finally the weather is nice enough for us to get to the pool. Here are some pics of the girls enjoying the water.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Today is great. I feel alot better thank goodness. I am going to make it a great day. I can play with kids. I can be a model employee. Then I am going to go pay the rest of my bills off and go shopping. I get to enjoy my kids all day long and its great. And tomorrow I get to see my inlaws and celebrate Garrett graduating high school. I am soo excited to see everyone (except Traci this time but there will be other times babe!!). Ok so its a great day so I am going to go out and enjoy it!!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

OMG Kayla is soo pretty!!

These pictures were taken by a friend of mine at the spring Concert. They are soooo pretty. I think she is going to email me more soon.

ok so this is getting old I am sure

I just do not know how to handle other peoples mood swings. So I am asking for your help.

So i told you about Jessie possibly making me director maybe. Well yesteray she starts talking about how we might have to closethe preschool because of what people are trying to do with our parking lot.

SO I need to learn how to not let things effect me to the point that I get mad at people. When I left work she seemed emotional but ok. then I came back to pick up my kids and tried to talk to her abotu the newsletter and i was waiting while she talked to a parent but she wouldn't even accnowledge me at all. So I just left them instead of trying to talk. SO all last night I was mad with her and vented to aaron but it did not help this time. SO what do I do????

OK off to work now. UGH SOOOO tired. :(

Monday, June 02, 2008

ok this is just between you and me

So there is a chance that I will become the director at the preschool. Yea like wow!!!

After everything in the last 2 weeks Jessie and I were just chatting and she asked me how I would feel abotu becomeing the director. She may have found an advising position she willl most likely take if it is truely offered to her. THis would still be far off and lots of training involved but it would be a great experience. Not to mention the extra $500 a month I would make.

SO I just wanted to share this with you guys. I am really hoping this happens so I can have the experience and see what that is like. Well I will keep you updated on that.
ok very blurry pics but I thought they were fun.

Cherise really wanted a picture with the cat.

The cat really did not want the picturewith her. lol