Monday, November 28, 2011


So last week I only ended up working two days but it was the most stressful I have been at this job ever.  I seriously thought about not going back.  Today however was a very typical Monday and it sailed right by and it was actually enjoyable.  Plus my boss said she is FINALLY going to order the class supplies that I so desperately need to entertain my kiddos.  I am so excited.  Yes she can easily buy me off with fun toys for the kids.  LOL 

Now my assistant is leaving on Dec. 16th to focus on her schooling.  I am extremely nervous about this.  I have been working with her for over a year and we both have gotten into bad habits but we also work so well together.  So I really do need to cut some of my bad habits and be re-excited about my work.  It is hard to do both with out my boss around to ground me though.  I hope she comes back soon. :P

Monday, November 07, 2011


Today is my husbands and mine 13th anniversary. I am still incredibly happy to be married to my man. It has been a trying 13 years but they have been learning experiences. I look forward to many more years with my loving husband. Love you babe? <3

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Changes are hard but worth it

I am trying to keep negative thoughts about others out of my head when something does not go the way I would like them too. It is very challenging to do this when you are naturally a negative person, as I am discovering. I did it though tonight. I did not flip out at some change in events tonight. I did not think "god why can't people just work around what I want". As I tend to do. I asked questions first and then expressed in a calm matter what I would like to see happen next time. I am proud of myself for doing this.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Facebook sucks sometimes

I hate when I post something on Facebook and then get no replies or likes. I know it's a minor thing but It makes me feel important when i see that people have read my shared thoughts or what ever. Well that is my thoughts about Facebook.

Cinnamon rolls

I made cinnamon rolls yesterday and they weren't bad. I will have to experiment some with making them gooey next time. I think I am going to make them for the bake sale at my kids school in a couple of weeks.

I enjoy baking when it starts to get colder. And boy did it get colder fast. But then that is what happens when fall hits here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pain of a bitch

At 2:30 am Aaron woke me complaining of lower back pain. I do not wake very well at all so I was not nice with my response. After about 20 minutes of him writhing around on the bed in pain he says he needs to go to the ER. My first thought "crap we can't afford this". My second thought "how am I going to function at work tomorrow after just a few hours of sleep?".

So here we are at the ER for my hubby and I feel so much guilt at the way I thought about this situation.

Why is it that I thought this way? Why can't I have compassion for the fact that my husband is in pain?

He will be fine. He is most likely passing a kidney stone so they will load him up with meds and send home again. We have been through this before a few times now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The squeaky wheel

So I have been struggling this year and most years really with making sure that Cherise is being as successful in school as possible. She struggles with focus and a drive to want to be successful. So because of this her homework is not done often or if it is done it is not turned in. I have decided this year to make sure that both her teachers know without a doubt that I want to help and that I will make noise when I do not feel they are doing all they can to help her.

I just sent both of her teachers an email with, hopefully, some good suggestions about what can be done differently to help with communication from school to home. I hope they receive it well and and see I want to be part of the solution. Well I shall see soon I am sure.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lets give this another try

I have not blogged in almost a year. Things have been very busy for our family.

I have taken on a lot more responsibility at work. I am now the leas toddler teacher and a supervisor. My boss went on maternity leave a year ago and left me and another co worker in charge. This has been one the most challenging role for me career wise so far. I feel that at times I really stepped up and did what I needed. I grew as a person and a leader. There were of course times where I flopped but I learned from those times.

My role as lead teacher has blossomed into my favorite role so far. I love seeing these little explorers use their brains and imaginations. Last yea I started purchasing a toddler curriculum online and found it useful to start my creative teaching process. This year I am reusing everything I did last year. I am finding that I can add to it in more useful ways and I have more free time to devote in other areas of my life. I get stressed out at times because I am dealing with toddlers (lol) but for the most part I feel so lucky to have the job I do.

My dear husband, Aaron is working in sales at his job of 7 years now. He is doing such a great job at showing his boss and coworkers that he is a valuable member of their team.

Aaron has started riding a bike to help cut down on the gas cost from his new truck. Bonus though, the bike riding will help him to lose some weight and hopefully reduce his high blood pressure issues.

Aaron was so excited when we where finally financially stable enough to get him his dream vehicle. A 2004 Dodge Ram truck. He has used it all ready to haul around a lot of stuff and loves it.

Kayla has turned into the most stunning little woman I have ever encountered. She is now 12 years old and so pretty. Also she has a great mind on her that she uses often to her benefit. She is excelling in school and has a perfect teacher to help keep her interested.

Kayla got her first cell phone just over a year ago (I think). She was pretty excited about this. We have struggled with her staying on top of answering t when we call or text and she has lost it a few times but over all I think she is handling way better then a typical 12 year old.

Cherise is such a comic genius. Last night she had all of us in laughing hysterics with just a part of her Halloween costume and a balloon. (I will post the short video as soon as I figure out how. :). Cherise is still struggling with school and homework and paying attention but I am confidant that in time she will master those skills entirely.

Cherise is now 10 years old. She has discovered a love for music and tv. She is constantly asking for a cell phone but she has to wait a bit longer still. I am afraid we will have to give in on this front soon though. Cherise is trying hard to be friends with her sister Maddy but these two have a lot of challenges with getting along.

Madison is a crazy, insane 8 year old girl. She is full of emotions and lets them out regularly. Yet I still love this girl to pieces. Maddy wants to craft all the time. She is a none stop ball of energy that I would like to tap into. She also has a curiously for baking that I need to encourage. She is a greatly little learner. She gets excited (most of the time) about her home work and is always wanting to show of her skills to me the second I get he from work.

Our current pet count is a follows: 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 fish. This is a low count for our family. We usually would have a few more but after recently (a year ago) getting a puppy we realized we were in love so much that we now feel complete. Paige is our big dog (fox hound/boxer mix). She is 5 years old, I think. She loves lounging and wrestling and sleeping with Kayla. Charlie is our little dog (chihuahua/daschund). He is a year old and so hyper. He is hilarious to watch run around after Paige or the cat. He loves chewing and cuddling. Oliver is our dumb ass/fat cat. Lol. He is 3 years (think). He loves lounging and swatting at Charlie and meowing to go outside at 4 am. The 2 fish are gold fish. They are kayla's. They live in her room and I believe they are still swimming. Lol

Well that is it for my giant update. But I will be trying to update offer so they should not be quite as long as this.