Sunday, July 29, 2007

i am reading conversations between two of the people that have made "The Secret" a success and I had an enlightening moment. I have always asked myself "What is wrong with me?" or "Why can't I acconmplish this?" and instead I should be asking, "What is right with me?" and "How can I accomplish this?"

It is just awesome what you can learn when you let your mind stay open to what is around you.

Quote of My Day

Your brain can be directed and
you can direct it by the questions
you ask. Most people ask these
negative questions that send
them down the sewer.

~*~My Soon To Be Reality~*~

While on the plane from Utah I had lots of time to review what I wanted for my family, home, and career. I got a notebook from Kelli to hold all of my wants. I am goingot share these.

*~^*^~*My Family*~^*^~*

  • Play more games together (more time with each other)
  • Indulge in each others intrests
  • Plan family vacations
  • School-more intrest & support
  • Understand what it took to get here
  • Be more active at church

~`*^^*~`My Career`~*^^*`~

  • Craft, paint, draw, sew, bead, scrapbook, photography
  • Room for all my needs
  • Work on making items while children are at school
  • On property or in house shop for selling items year round
  • During long school breaks and summer vacation travel to fairs to sell
  • Take art, sewing and photography classes

*^~~^*Our Home*^~~^*

  • 6 bedrooms
  • Open basement
  • Breakfast nook
  • Bay windows with sitting bench
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Mud room
  • 2 garage
  • Large flat back yard
  • Brick BB-Q
  • Out door in ground pool
**~^~**My Ideas**~^~**
  • Become a partner with Jessie in the preschool
  • Have Dad make wooden kitchen play things for the girls

So this is my vision and my soon to be reality!!

*`^~^`*My Quest*`^~^`*

I have entered into a quest. It is a quest to make things better for my family. We have thought about this quest and have entered it a few times with real determination. Up until now we have failed. But this time our quest will succeed!!

So why am I so confidant and assured of myself for this time when every other time we try we fail. It is really quite simple really. I have made it happen in my head. I can seemy family in our house with the things that we have struggled so hard to attain. I see Aaron with his job that he loves to do and is making the money we have always needed. I can see myself doing the things that I want too.

I am excerting my faith in the Lord and my understanding that he wants us to be happy. My faith has always been thier but so has my doubt. So I am not allowing the doubt to enter in to this quest. This will happen. How it will happen I do not know exactly, neither do I know when. But all I do need to know is that it will.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


So I have been having issues with Cherise for such a long time. We have talked soo much about what may be the cause of how she is.
Well I think we may know some of her problem. Jessie said to look in to the symptoms for Asperger's syndrome. I have looked up somethings and I think we may be on to something here. Here are the symptoms that I know she has.

Compared with classic autism, children with Asperger's Syndrome usually don't show any signs of major cognitive difficulties — their IQ falls in the normal or even superior range—and they exhibit few, if any, delays in speaking. They also generally hit most of their milestones within reasonable time periods. Because of this, some describe children with this condition as “high-functioning” or as having a “mild” form of autism, at least compared to others on the spectrum. To many, they may seem just like other children but not quite — socially awkward in a manner that's not easily understood.

Be preoccupied with only one or few interests, which he or she may be very knowledgeable about. Many children with Asperger's syndrome are overly interested in parts of a whole or in unusual activities, such as doing intricate jigsaw puzzles, designing houses, drawing highly detailed scenes, or astronomy.2

Talk a lot, usually about a favorite subject. One-sided conversations are common. Internal thoughts are often verbalized

Have heightened sensitivity and become overstimulated by loud noises, lights, or strong tastes or textures.

Socially inappropriate behavior


My goal for this next week is to get her in somewhere to get tested and to see if we can help her.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Secret

So, by now you know that the law of attraction is a Great Secret of Life.

What is the law of attraction? Simply put, the law of attraction states that “Like attracts like.” What this universal law tells you about your own life is that the thoughts you think, feelings you feel, words you say, and actions you take all consist of energy that attracts to it more of its own kind. That is, negative energies attract negative energies, and positive energies attract positive energies.

Yet most of us cannot control how we think, feel and behave no matter how hard we try.

A less known yet equally important law is the "Law of Surrender" - "The Law of Letting Go." When you let go of the old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving you make room and free up the energy required to attract all that your heart desires.

There is a simple and effective way to take charge of the law of attraction and easily let go of the old and hold in mind what you want and attract it to you. This technique is used by over one-third of the teachers in The Secret and many of them believe The Sedona Method is the secret to mastering The Secret.

Letting go of the old

Because of the momentum of your habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, you may often feel like you are trying to move forward with a rubber band around your waist. So the closer you get to attracting what you want into your life, the pull of your old thinking is so strong, you seem to snap back into your old patterns.

These patterns are stealing your energy. Every negative pattern you are holding onto from the past is robbing you of the energy that you could be using to create all that you choose. When you let go of these negative patterns you can then channel this energy into your worthy goals and intentions.

If you truly have over 50,000 thoughts a day, that’s a lot of thoughts to try to control and make positive. Yet if you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed,” you can have the same feeling the whole day coloring every thought. So it is much more effective to master your emotions than simply trying to control your thoughts.

You are creating the sum total of your thinking and feeling about any particular topic all the time, but most of thinking and feeling is below your conscious awareness in your subconscious. In fact, 94-96% of your actions are motivated by the thoughts and feelings that are outside of your conscious awareness and control. When you let go of your conscious feelings using The Sedona Method, you empty your subconscious and you take back your control.

So, how do you use the law of attraction in your life to produce the results you want?

Letting go of your thoughts and feelings actually dissolves the negative emotional charge and allows you to easily feel the natural feelings of joy, peace, happiness, wealth, and love that are your true nature. You can let go of anything negative and uncover the positive that is natural in each and every one of us at our core. This will quickly and dramatically shift your sum total thinking and feeling about your goals and dreams and allow you to put the law of attraction into full effect in your life.
No doubt about it, letting go is the secret to mastering The Secret.

Remember, to create what you want it is important to feel that you already have what you want and not just think it. There is no more effective way to let go of your negative emotions and feel the positive outcome of your goals than with The Sedona Method.

The Sedona Method is a simple, powerful, easy-to-learn technique that shows you how to access your natural ability to let go of any unwanted feeling or thought right in the moment. It has been practiced by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide since 1974, including over one-third of the teachers in The Secret. It is the key to unlocking your unlimited potential to have, be or do whatever you desire to attract into your life.

Three Other Powerful Ways to Create All You Desire When Combined with The Law of Attraction and The Sedona Method
Get into Action: If you simply fantasize about how great it is going to be to have what you want, but you don’t take action, you are engaging in "magical thinking." When you let go of fantasy and take action to achieve your goals, you deal with what is actually here now and take the appropriate actions to bring what you want to you. You also make yourself available to unexpected ways of attracting success.
Give Without Wanting Anything Back in Return: One of the most powerful actions you can take to create what you want in life is to give to others without wanting anything back in return. This opens your heart to your intuitive knowing and gratitude. When you give without strings attached, you are allowing your energy to flow—and it comes back to you many times over. By the law of attraction, giving to others attracts the energy of giving to you.
Follow Your Heart: There is a universal intelligence or knowingness in each and every one of us. When you are open to this intelligence of the heart, it guides you in the right direction to do what is best for you and those around you. Following this intuitive knowing attracts to you whatever you need as you need it. You find yourself having, being and doing whatever is right for you in the moment for your highest good.
Now you know the secret to mastering The Secret. Practice this along with The Secret and you’ll uncover that which mankind has sought since the dawn of time—and the Great Secret of the Ages will truly be yours.

The latest

This are going great. I went to Utah for Traci's wedding. That was such a great thing. I was glad to beable to go there. I will talk about that later though.

While I was waiting for traci and Josh to come out of the temple I have a long talk with Kelli's husband Jeremy. He talked about how if you want something all you need to do is to remain positive about getting it and be willing to work hard for it and you can have it. I totally got everything he was talking about. And from that talk I decided that we really needed to move to Utah.

so with that desition made I started thinking of how we could accomplish this. I told Jeremy that I could send Aaron up here to find a place to live and start at a job till he had enough saved to move us up there.

Jeremy talked about making possibilities a reality. He said I have to be patient. Its hard but i am. But in the mean time i ma visualizing my new life in Utah with all my dearest friends around. being able to do as I want. Provide a more comfortable enviroment for my family and have the resources to help others too.

Friday, July 06, 2007

My new favorite thing

Ok so one of the new girls at the preschool is a singer. We all knew that at the school. BUt i did not realize that she is well known around this area. She has her own web site and a cd release last year and she performs all over this area. She sings jazz and from what I have heard sounds great.

Check out her website. She is such a great person and an awsome singer.
Man i am finding it more and more difficult ot get on her and share lately. Its just sooo crazy with my girls and work and all that entales.

We have been trying to get our house more organized so we appreciate it better. It is driving us crazy to have been in this place for so long i think. And its only been almost 2 years lol. But that is just how we are.

We still would like ot move to a place with a yard so the girls are not trapped in the house on nights and weekends but we are just not at a status to acomplish that right now.

My dearest friends in Utah want us to move down there and I really do want to be close to them I am just not sure that I want ot live down there. It would be far from my family and it gets such extreme weather for me. Plus with all the crap that Jessie is going through I feel like i need to be with her right now. So Aaron has been talking about moving down thier on his own to try out this job to see if he can find us a good place to live and see if the money would be worth it. I think I would be ok with him going for a while but i know I would end up emotionally unstable from it too. But we shall see what happens I guess.