Thursday, January 17, 2008


SO for Christmas the girls and I made Grandpa Gary a quilt. It was a simple one that I had sewn squares togther of yellow and blue and some that said "I love Grandpa" all over them. Then I let the girls use fabric paint and draw on the plain squares. Then I backed the quilt with a beautiful fleece with pictures of wild animals on it. I was worried that he would not like it tha tmuch, but he absolutly loved it. And then last night we got a thank you card from him and Karen and this is what Gary wrote:

"For some reason members of my family don't necessarily see me as "kind" or Sensitive" guy. That I won't really appreciate sentimental
things. To the contrary, I am very thankful for the quilt. It has
been and is one of the most important gifts of my life. One of those
things I would go back for in a fire. Thank you very, very much"

WOW. When I read that I started to cry. It touched me soo much to see that he does love the quilt and the work that the girls and I put into it. It has made my month for sure. Possibly my life too.


Kelli said...

That is so sweet and cool! I'm so proud of him for sharing his feelings and so grateful that you guys were able to make a connection. You are great. I love you.

spaceyhawks said...

Dang it I hate it when jelly beats me to what I was going to say! Yes, I agree with her. It may be hard for some of us to find that connection, but I am really glad it's there for you. It really is awesome what he said, and I'm so glad for it!