Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fashion Show Clip

This is a clip of the Old Navy Fashion show that the girls did a few saturday's ago. They were great from what I hear. I was stuck in a CPR Class tha afternoon so all I saw was this clip. lol

Random pics

Madison showing off her outfit she modeled at the Old Navy Fasion Show. And cherise behind her. Hopefully I can get the video on here too.

Maddy and her best friend Maureen with there baby, a bottle of propane. lol
My lazy cat, just a cute pic.

Yea we all look trilled lol
Maddy fell out cold on the way up to my parents house a few saturday's sgo.
Cherise and her best pal. :)
The sleep over girls pretty much sleeping on top of each other lol. Cherise is in the middle.
One giant leap for cat kind. lol Dorkas cat, cool pic!

Cherise had a make over by her cousin Felisha. MEOW!!

The girls finally getting to hold their newest little nephew, Levi. What a cutie!!

Madison enjoying an ice cream cone. YUM!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I found this on my favorite website. It used to be about me. But after last week iam working there becasue of me. Because I can grow and gain great experiences. I am not doing to do it for anyone else anymore. Just had to share that.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Live, Laugh, Love

well it can be anyway.

I struggle.

Live Well
Laugh Often
Love Always

That is the motto I am trying to live by right now.

I really need to seperate the idea of friends from my job. Its unfortunate but noone at my work can be a true friend. I can laugh with them and talk to them but I will not beable to bond with them anymore.

I have been hurt.

I was trying soo hard to be friends. And then along came oposition and I have to concede. Its ok though I know I have friends that while related to my job do not just see me only as my job. They see more in me then sometimes I see in myself.

I need to succeed.

I have been slacking a bit lately in my job and I need to stop that. It was hard to see someone else do a task that I coulad have accopmlished if only I had been paying attention.

I am excited.

My closest friends are moving back close to us. I am overwelmed in joy and love in this fact. My rocks are comming home. :)