Thursday, April 16, 2009

My new job

OK so I am soo excited that I decided to go after the newdaycare job. It is soo nice over there. They really seem ot like each other and help each other out. It really clean and focused on the children. Tammi said that there have been issues with drama but they are all like college girls so I hope that will keep me from getting involved. Oha and in may I have a DESK un holy cow. Its nothing too spectacular but its a desk of my own and that is cool. So now I just have to survive the move and everything will be great this summer. WHOO HOO. It feels soooo good to finally have things go right. Thank you GOD!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My current life

So its Easter. I think that its a fun day of eating candy and doing nothing much else. lol. I kinda do wish that we had made plans to go to church or do something though. It would have been nice to have something to do.


I wanted to talk about all the STUFF that is going on. OK so first I think I have a new job. It is at a Preschool and I really like the Director. I just have to work out what I am going to do with the children as the preschool does not have room for anymore after school children right now. So I think I am starting atleast part time next week and then fulltime by the end of the month. I am trying to just get most of my summer covered and make it to the fall where they will all them be in school full time and then things can settle down. So to start I need someone to watch them just 3 days a week for 2 hours in the afternoon after school. That one seems to be tricky. But then i also will need full time care during the summer fro 8am -5pm EVERYDAY. And the sad thing is that I can not offer a whole lot of money. I am kinda hoping I guess that I can find a student that would not mind alot of work for little pay lol.

OK so the next thing is that we have to move agian. Our landlord (WHO IS AN ASS) is selling our house and so I want to get out ASAP. Which means we move before May so I do not have to give the man anymore rent. Well we did find the house we like. Its older but its 4 bedroom and right by the pool and schools (oh and Kelli lol). It has a huge yard and the guy seems fine with our dogs. So we gave him our application and we will have to see what he says. But we are also looking at 2 other places on monday. I want to be sure to look at every available before we make our final choice. My hope is that this is our last move until we are able to BUY our own home.

And yea we are in the process of getting our own home. For us this is HUGE. We haven't had the best luck financially in the past 10 years but the past 3 years have been sooooo much better then ever. So we found out that with the USDA Rural Program they help out low income families get there own home. We do have some credit rebuilding before we qualify but after a year I think we will be able to see this be a reality.

that last thing I wanted to talk about was my sweet daughter Cherise. I feel sad because I approached my mom about haveing all 3 of my daughters up there this summer but one at a time. She said well yea I would have Kayla. And when I explained that i was thinking about all of them she really hesitated about Cherise. She said that she doesn't think that they get along and so it wouldn't work. I was devistated becauce Cherise has gotten the short end of the stick for a while now when it has come to both mine and Aarons family. Not too many family members see her as someone they want to spend time with. I told my mom that it made me sad to hear her say that about one of her grandchildren and told her how she gets that too from Aarons family (using guilt) and she did change her mind saying it might be a good opertunity to get to know her and that she could alway send her back if it did not work. I guess this just really hut me in soo many ways. I know my children (not just cherise) have dificult moments. But it seems that mine and Aarons family only value Kayla as the worthwhile child. But I have 3 children that are of worth and are great to spend time with. I guess I just expected that all 3 of my children would be loved the same by thier extended family. And now that I am seeing they are not it truely saddens me to the core. Well I will not force any of my children on to someone. I do hoope though that our families start to realize the value of every child in it. Not just those that are quiet and cooperative all the time.

So this is currently how things are for me. I am under soooo much stress that I and my councilor often wonder how I get out of bed in the morning and yet I do. (first one usually) but soon things will settle down. I hope!!!!!!!!!!