Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Traci, This is to answer the many questions you had about my hair lol

ok so when I cut it the first time I went to the school and I cot a senior girl to cut it for me and she was a bit nervous because my hair was soooo long but I reasured her that it grows fast so if I do not like it I won't come after her. lol Yes it felt realy good to have it shorter but I did not like my layers so I tried one day to sut them myself and butched it. SO then I had to go to Fantastic Sams and get it fixed and it ended up much shorter then I wanted. Then I cried. But I know it will grow out agian so I keep trying to find new ways to do it so I don't scream about it. :)

About the color...I did dye it a red color and that is in the picture. It was just an over the counter dye. But as of right this moment it is not that color cause it grew out too fast so I had the bad roots showing. So agian i dyed it but just a light brown. Even with the new dye job though ther is still a good amount of the red in it.

Hope that answers your questions.

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spaceyhawks said...

LOL! Awesome! Sorry about the part where you cried. It always makes me sad and wish I could have been there for ya! I love ya gorgeous!