Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wow, I am having a busy day today. We had to get some groceries and help our just turned 3 year old daughter spend her birthday money. LOL incase you were wondering she bought a puppy in a dog house. :). And now my parents and family are comming to celebrate Maddy's birthday. She is having a very good day I think. She seems to actually be happy. She has gotten alot of presents from Grandparents allready and her quilt from me. And she doesn't even know that more presents are on the way :). It will be an exciting afternoon.

I thought I would include a picture of the quilt I made for Maddy. it took me a month to make. And Maddy adores it. But she has unfortunatly peed on it twice since she has had it :( oh well what are you going to do.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am going through a power struggle as I am typing this with my 5 yr old daughter. I am trying to get her to drink her medication )laxative). It does not taste like anything and it is her favorite color. I have told her all the fun things she can do after she drinks it but she still refuses. There are people that have critisized me for not giving her her meds as consistantly as I should have. And I do hold alot of this blame over myself. But today, this very morning, is one of the very reasons that I have not been as consistant as I should have.

It has been 15 minutes (so far) of her sitting in the chair at the table with no stimulation around for her to be distracted with. I have used every modivation I can think of to get her to drink. I have given her a time out, I have spanked her twice (with NO anger), I have bribed her, I have told her she will miss school and a bath, I even pretended to get a call from her beloved duck that she left at her school last night saying how sad he was that she would not be picked up by her today. And still she is refusing to drink. SO please someone (Please!) tell me how to get her to drink her water. I am at a loss.

Friday, April 21, 2006

For Goodness sakes.

For the past 2 years I have been dealing with a proplem. I slacked off some when it came to resolving this problem. I did not do all that was needed to be done all the time. Life and other events got in the way and caused me to ignore this problem. I have some friends and family that are supporting me through this. But it just hasn't been enough so far. I shared with some people (other moms online) about my struggles. Some where supportive saying "Hope you get through this." "hang in there" and other nice things. Others could not believe that I was complaing about this when it is clearly my own fault that the problem still exsists. I am frankly at a loss for words about this. I owned up to the fact that I messed up with this. And yet people feel the need to tell me its all your fault. Umm duh!! thank you for making me feel better. Gosh I can not understand why people feel the need to make you feel worse when you allready feel like the lowest life form ever. Thanks for the support, Its soo wonderful to know there are people out there that like to say negative things to you when you are down. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fun at the Park

Wow I can not believe tht it finally got nice enough to beable to go outside in the sun with out a coat and play. Aaron was home sick yesterday and we were all kind of stir crazy so I suggested we go outside. So we took the bunny and invited Kelli ad her kids to go to the park. It was soo sunny and nice. Maddy had to wear a light jacket but the rest of the girls were fine. Snowflake got mauled by the kids as i expected. The one draw back to taking him to the park I guess. But the nice thing too is that I talk to new people. :)

While I may not be at my best in the blazing sun. I do enjoy the spring sun. It was really nice seeing the kids run around and have fun. It was also very nice to beable to chat with Kelli and just enjoy the fresh air. I can not wait to do it agian. Hopefully today it will be nice enough to go out too.

My Girls

These are the 3 beauties that I am surrounded by 24/7.

The first in order is kayla. She is the typical big sister. She gets along with everyone, and is always willing to help out whoever needs it.

Next is Cherise and she has her own inviduality. She has always original thoughts. She loves to gives kisses and hugs. And she has a huge imagination.

Last but certianly as important is Madison. She is soooo spunky. She is very independant until she realized mom or dad are not helping here :). She certianly thinks she knows what she wants. She loves to cuddle and share her thoughts.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

These are our newest pet addition. GUINEA PIGS!! We got these from my sister. We are holding them long-term temerarily. LOL Scarlet is the dark brown one and Ginger is the brown and white one.

The girls really like them because they can pick them up and hold them with out getting Both piggies are females and right now are pretty timid.

This is Snowflake our cute male Miniature Rex bunny. We have had him sinc January 2006. I choose him as my birthday gift. He has been aot of fun to watch run around and play with. He likes to play with the kids and explore absolutly everything.

random thoughts

well I am trying to put my thoughts in order in my head about everything that is going on in my life. Its kinda hard right now. My head is filled with thoughts of trying to understand why I feel so lazy and sad right now. It is also thinking about all the things i still have yet to do. And I can not get past the thoughts of where am I going wrong in life.

I am trying to break out and become a better person. I have figured out some of the problems with my marriage and with myself and kids. Of course I can not be expected to figure out all the problems or even solve the problems I have realized over night. But lately I have felt as though I have not really been solving or even trying to solve problems but more like them covering up.

Well today I am taking my kids and husband (who is home sick) to the park to finally have some fun in the sun. We will be bringing our bunny, Snowflake, with us. He is always good for laughs. And hopefully when we come back I can be back to some semblance of my self from the past few weeks.

First time blogger :)

Well after being introduced to this by my friend Kelli, and reading just 2 post on her blog. I have decided to start my own. I don't really know what to do yet, but I am a quick learner. So this is officially my first post on my first blog. Thank you!! :)