Saturday, January 26, 2008

My birthday dinner with Aaron

So I was totally exhausted fromthe work day and the early hour I get up. BUt i was ready to go out and have fun with my hubby.

We took the girls over to Amanda's for the evening...They are soo awesome to watch all 3 girls so we can get out.

We purchased tickets for a 9:25 showing of Cloverfield ahead of time. This is important ot know for later lol.

We started out at Apple Bees where we had soome great food. Totally blew my callories for the day but who cares :) We had a blast ther joking around and making fun of people lol

Then we headed over to walmart. We wandered around and Aaron told me to buy myself stuff that I have been wanting. So I got a new robe, Watch, earings (star shaped really cute.), a pot for the Orchid Jessie got me, and other stuff. So we check out and go to the car to head to our movie. We hadn't really paid good attention to the time so we were shocked when it said it was 9:20. we hurried off to our movie. I wanted to put on my new watch but when I reached back ot get it out of the bag it was gone. So aaron said we better go back cause we prolly left it at the registar. Well I was upset that we were going to miss the begining of the movie but oh well its mostly credits anyway.

So aaron goes in and tells the register guy that we left them there. They look for a min and realize they are goone. Long Story short about this: The people behind us made off with our watches because that bag got left behind. (we did get them back :) So we were delayed alot by the events of walmart and we checked the time and realized it was too late to catch th movie. So we ask the theater got movie passes to see it later. They gave us some soo we will eventually go see a movie.

So we go grocery shopping and head home both of us a bit bunned that the night went the way it did. As we are getting things and kids out of the car we drop out bottle of apple cider we were going to share after we got the kids in bed. UGH!! I was too tired at this point to care too much but still sad.

SO the night did nto go like I wold have liked but its all good. I did have fun still.


Nicole Campbell said...

Awww! Sorry it didn't go as planned. But at least you guys have a story *and* you had a good dinner together. Sorry we didn't call or send anything, I suck as a sister in law. But I still love you and hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

The Lone Tree said...

don't worry nicole I suck at remembering birthdays too so it is all good. :)

Kelli said...

Sorry it didn't go as planned. On our anniversary we went out to eat and on the way home I got the most horrible gas pains and had to run upstairs and lay down, then I fell right asleep. Kind of lame too but I guess we take what we can get right! :D

Glad you had fun at Applebees. Going out to eat with my hubby alone is probably one of my favorite things to do.

Anonymous said...

I hate days like that! I swear I have them all the time! GGRRR! What sucks the most is it wasn't just any old day, it was your birthday... :( Sorry!

spaceyhawks said...

Awwwww. Sorry it wasn't that great. Cole is right though, you have a fun story. It entertained me. LOL! ;-) Poor Brandi, it does happen to her all the time. I can vouch, LOL. I love ya woman, glad you had a great dinner!