Friday, December 29, 2006

OK just an update

Since I have uploaded a ton of pictures I thought I would give a breif update on how things are going for us.

Aaron has soo far lost 12 lbs in his quest to complete phase 2 of becomming a Washington State Trooper. I am soo proud of him. He has resisted so much temptation in food and not excersizing. He is getting more and more excited as the weight burns off.

I have also lost a ton of weight. I have gone down a full pant size. My mom gave me some old pants she had saved and all but one pair fit me. It was great. And I look forward to lossing more weight as the time goes on. More good news for me is that i was recently given a promotion at work. I am now a Supervisor. I got a raise and of course more responsibilities. I am now incharge of making sure all chores get done by me and the other two girls. The two girls answer directly to me when quesstions arise about daily things. And I am incharge of getting an infant class organized. Plus in another 6 months there is a chance I could be made Manager. So I am very excited.

The girls had a wonderful Christmas. They got alot of toys to entertain themselves with (thankfully for me). They also managed to get some new clothes which is nice as well. They got to see both Grandparents this year which is always a great thing for them. I am most excited for school to start back up myself. The 3 of them are climbing the walls. lol

We recently let Snowball adventure out of his cage and quickly discovered it was too soon for him. Not only did he start pooping all over (thankfully not peeing) but he also started to hump Snowflake with a passion, which made me realize that he is definatly not neutered. But Snowflake let him which I found rather disturbing. But then after a second try on Snowball's part Snowflake turned around and started to attack him. They did circles in the cage then took it out of the cage and Aaron and I had to break them up. Poor boys, both of them were breathing really hard and seemed sooo upset. Oh and how did the cat react to all of this. Well he sat there with a very confused look on his face not sure of what was going on or what to do. I am glad he chose to stay out of it though. He is one smart cat (sometimes). Well now Snowball will be a caged bunny for another month or two before we try that agian. Plus I am going to see if we can get him neutered before he comes out again.

Well thats it for now. I will update agian as soon as somethign worthy comes along LOL

Maddy and all her adorableness!!

OK so I am discovering every day more and more of Maddy's fun personality. She is just so full of life and discovery. She loves to see how far she can push your buttons and how much you are willing to love her. She was a real joy to watch this Christmas as she figured out what joy you can have when spending time with family and friends.

I can not wait to see what the future holds for this precious child of mine. But will the world be ready for her?? I am not sure. Maybe its a good thing that her cousin Gracie lives apart from her at this time. They are soo alike I think the world is NOT ready for the two of them to tackle it together. LOL

Tons of fun in the snow!!

THe day after Christmas we were up at my parents house. They had atleast a foot of snow there. So all of my girls plus Jeremy's fiances daughter went out and played in the snow with Daphne.

Girls wrestling with Grandpa Stenzel

On Christmas day the girls seemed to have a ton of energy and they took it out on Grandpa for a while. I decided to capture the moment.

Girls on the real Christmas Morning!!

THis is the girls before we headed out to the Stenzel's on Christmas morning.
(side note: Kayla's lips look pale because she got a new lipgloss and it is a pale pink and she continually applied it. LOL)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cherise and her candy!!

Well my darling middle child is one strange duck sometimes. She decided this year with all of her candy to unwrap all the chocolate coins and other candies and line them up on the table. This is a pic of what she did. When asked why she did this she did not really know just wanted to. LOL

Christmas Morning 2006

OK so we woke up at 7 am that morning but it was not technically Christmas Morning. We had decided to do our Christmas morning on Christmas eve since we were traveling all day christmas and the day after. So here is what the tree looked like after Santa came and before the girls attacked it.

Now I would love to show youthe pictures of the girls first reactions to the tree but in both pics cherise has no pants on so its a bit to indecent for the net.
But here are the girls attacking thier stockings. Maddy is very intreged with her decoration. lol

Here is Cherise showing off all the presents that Santa left for her.

Here is what Maddy got.

And the big winner would be Kayla this year wth by far the most gifts uner the tree. But whos counting. lol

After opening all thier individual presents the girls worked together to open thier group gift.

Here Kayla knows what it is!!

ohh now theey all know. Se how excited they are about it.

We got them a really cute doll house and then later they got alot of accesories from the grandparents.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Seeing Christmas lights

We went out to see the pretty lights people have on their houses and we found a park that was totally decked out not to far from here.

Here are some pics of the girls by the lights:

This is then engine of a train it is covered all over. The girls really enjoyed it. Maddy was being shy and did not want ot be in any of the pictures.

The Nativity.
This is a cute ginger bread house. The girls wanted to go inside. I really did not think that was a great idea as they would most likely end up knocking the whole thing down. lol

pics of our new bunny Snowball

He is so cut eI think and he loves to get loves. But Snowflake got very jealous of him and hissed at me and tried to bite me while I was holding him. THis will have to get corrected. BUt he now has his cage out in the house so he can get to know the other animals. and I hope soon we can start taking him out of the cage and let him wonder around.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New colors in the carpet!

Well I got off work early as it was my early day. After feeding the children lunch I took off the the computer room to pay bills and goof off on here. After abotu an hour of the kids being way to good Cherise comes running into the room yelling "Mom the couch is turning green. see my fingers are green!" SO I go rushing out there to see what she is talking about and there is Maddy with my box of food coloring and they are clearly empty and there is a giant green spot on my ottoman and some spots on the carpet. Needless to say she is in her room and I have spent the last half hour trying to get the color out. I got it out of the ottoman but th carpet needs help. So if you have any ideas on how to get food coloring out of carpet successfully please let me know. Thanks!!

***4 days till Christmas***

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I know that I am crazy but so what!!

Yesterday we went to the human society togive them our Guinue Pig and found a Dwarf Bunny to replace her with. He is soooo cute. he is mostly white with black ears, nose and paws. he is as far as I can tell a Norwegian Dwarf. I do not know how old he is because he was just dropped off at the shelter. But he now has a new home with us. His name is Snowball because of how white he is. I will see if I can get a picture of him asap.

***8 days till Christmas***

Monday, December 11, 2006

My husband is going to be a state trooper!!!

He passed the first phase of the requirements and has 3 phases to go. Whe one we are most worried about is the one comming up in February. He has to have his weight down alot. So he has a Gym membership and is working out daily. I am soo incredably proud of him. And very excited for our possible future. It will be great for my hubby to finally have the job of his dream and making the income required to fully support our family. BUt I have faith in my hubby. I know he can do this. This is the closest he has ever been to his dream so I know he will not give up now. And i am going to ake sure he knows that i fully support him.

***14 days till Christmas***

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Preschool Christmas Play

Well last night was our big preschool Christmas play. It was a big success. I did not get any pictures. But what I say was really cute. All the kids did what they had to and i know the parents loved it. I received lots of praise for my set decorations. That was really nice. Well now I can focus on getting stuff for Christmas done. I found some really cute crafts that I want to get done for my family.

***17 Days till Christmas***

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

car problem update

It is done. It was cool that they were able to get it fixed while we were at work yesterday and it cost us $50.00 less then we thought it would. So that makes it even better. And today should be a good day. Especially since tomorrow is my day off. YEAH!!!

We cot our first Christmas card yesterday. It was a picture card form my hubby's sister and her hubby. It was cute. I have to find a place to put it. We normally do not get cards so it was nice but unexpected. lol Well off to work now.

***20 Days till Christmas***

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

SO one day feeling great the very next day the world crashes around me. Our car is now in the shop. And we are unsure how much its going to take to fix it this time. ANd my boss is freaking out because she had to open and I can not be there right now. I told her I am comming as soon as possible but its not good enough for her. I know that she has a hard time with her pregnancy and getting kids out the door and what not but she should understand car problems.

So Aaron has to get a service loaner and I am waiting for him to come back so that we can get to work. I do not understand why this happens to us in December of all the months. We are very strapped as it is and now we have to find money for this. its crazy.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I am feeling great!!

Finally I am starting to feel like I can accomplish anything agian. I think alot has to do with the fact that I finally got all the stuff for Christmas play all done!! YEA!!! And if the kids suck atleast I know that the set and props are awesom. lol. Well and also our money problems are starting to get better because we are getting a little bit smarter. Not much, but some. lol.

I can not believe Christmas is almost hear. It feels like I should still be sweltering in the heat not hanging stockings and singing carols. But I think Christmas always seems to sneak up on you. I feel bad this year because , well I guess not feeling bad just sad that I can not get all the things I would like this year for our family and friends. We can really only afford to get one big gift for our girls. I don't even know wether I can get a gift for Aaron. And any gifts for extra family or friends will have to only be for those that I do not have to mail out :( Oh and they will be hand made somethings. Not sure what yet but somethings.

I know that my mom and dad want us to come up there sometime close to Christmas but I am not sure if that will happen. Aaron has to go up to Spokane this wednesday for the Police exam and I do not know if we can do two trips to spokane let alone all the way up to my parents. But we shall see. Both Aaron and I are suppost to get bonus's this year from our jobs and I know that that will make things a bit easier.

Well enough comlaining sheesh. At the start of this I was talking about how great I feel then I end up gripping about how we can't afford stuff sheesh!!. lol. Even though we may not beable to afford a big Christmas for our girls and ourselves or are unable to send out things to our friends and family abroad I know that we are going to have a great Christmas and I know that we are loved soo much and that our friends and family really just want us to have a good Christmas too.

On a side note to friends that read this you will be getting a card :). !!! lol.

***22 days to Christmas***