Monday, May 21, 2007

My graduation speach

OK so the preschool is having a graduation on the 30th of May. I am speaking before my kids graduate. I thought I would share my speach with you.

When you see bubble what to you think of? Maybe a bubble bath after a hard day, or dishes that need to be washed, maybe even childhood memories. When a child sees bubbles they think of faries flying around the forest,babies that need pretecting, bees needing to be swatted, and other fun ways to pop them. When I was watching these children as they chased the bubbles around the play ground I realized that they are bubbles. I will tell you about these bubbles.

They are bubbles of energy. It seems never ending. Especially on day when mine gives out sooner then I would have liked.

They are bubbles of curiosity. In their mind no place is off limits and every discovery leads them to thier favorite question...WHY??

THey are bubbles of obedience. We see they listen to us by the way they remind thier friends of the school rules.

They are bubbles of imagination. In case you did not know, any object can be made into a hammer, even a Barbie.

They are bubbles of excitement. This is why they can't help but run everywhere, even after many friendly reminders to walk.

They are bubbles of expression. The shouts of joy can be heard for miles when they are told that it is time to go outside to play.

They are bubbles of love. No matter what they are doing they are never to busy to give or recieve a hug.
Finally they are bubbles of enrichment. Thier energy, curiosity, imagination, excitement, expression, and love make every single one of them the biggest most beautiful bubble of all.

Now this is not the final draft. I still have some tenses to fix and i am rewording some but it took me forever to take home even a rough copy to post on here lol. SO you will get the jist of my speach and hopefully it all goes well on graduation day.


Kelli said...

So cute:) I love it! Congrats on making it to a graduation day. Have fun!

Starmom74 said...

Oh my I loved it!!

That is one of the best speaches I've seen!!

lavender & sage said...

Thanks you guys., it is tomorow and I am a bit nervous really.

I will tell you how it goes.