Thursday, May 17, 2007

my troubles at work

OK so I know i have complained alot about the preschool I work at. And I was so stressed out by how much they used me on tuesday that they sent me home and I did depression shopping...never good. But wednesday morning I was told by Jesse that she wanted to have a talk with me and so we went for a walk. It was awesome really. She said they felt they have given me too much to be incharge of and it has not brought the best out of me. She wants the old me back. The one who was excited abotu teaching and doing crafts with the kids and such. So they did take me off salary which sucks but they will not charge me for child care during christmas break and such. And they are going to help me get back on government assistance by providing me with a lower pay stub or something so that we are just under the amount we can make and qualify. It was a great talk and i am glad I had it. I still wish i was making more but I know that they want to pay me more also. So things are starting to look up now and hopefully will stay that way.


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Well I guess I should have read this one before your earlier one.

I hope things get better soon Sunshine.