Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The best thing my mom could say

I was talking to my mom yesterday morning and she was saying how she read my post about family and how they never really know you. She said that is sooo true because she has noticed how much stronger and more sure of myself I am since I lived with them. And it is true I have found alot of myself in the past year. Its really nice ot have confidence in situations that in the past I totally lacked. Now if I can just gain the confidence in myself to approach my bosses abtou needing more money and it being unfair to charge me for my own childcare.

A friend made this point about me p aying for child care while working at a place my children attened: "It is like someone making some food for you and telling you you have to eat it and that you have to pay them too. " Just does not make any sence. And all the child care centers here in my town do not charge thier employees for thier children comming.

So my options are to just stick it out and hope it gets better, tell them they need to give me a raise and that I won't stand for it anymore, or quit and go to another daycare where I can make as much as I am now and work more then helf the amount I am now.

Its going to be an intresting ride follks, Hold on!!!

1 comment:

Starmom74 said...

You go for it girl!
They need to pay you what you are worth.
And in my eyes you are worth a lot!