Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am suppost to go to ashleys shower next week not entirely sure I really want to but i probably will. Its just that I am having a hard time with that side of the famil right now. The whole wedding bisness is driving me nuts. It started with Ashley wanting me to make brides maid dresses to making the girls dresses and then with me going to Traci's wedding. And you just know that they talk about you when you don't flow like they were hoping you would and i know I should not care about talk but I do. I vented to Jesse, my boss, about it yesterday. She said family is over rated lol. it is sooo true because you find that your friends, true friends, become closer to you then you family.

Kelli says
"many times family doesn't even know the real you even though they think they do because they are "family""

This was my conversation with Kelli this morning. Now I love my family. Yes they can be hard to understand sometimes but I believe that is true with most. But when you marry into a family it can either be really hard to understand or easy. Some have it worse then most. I definatly dso not have it bad just rough at times.

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