Thursday, May 10, 2007

I had a bad day

Well ofcourse its going to happen to everyone sometime.

Yesterday at the preschool it was sooo stressful because of our numbers that I totally lost it.

I feel like I should not be a child care provider this week. That last scentence makes me actually laugh. Every mom and dad out there I am sure has felt that way about thier children. BUt here I am with my own kids and I can't stand the way I treated other peoples kids yesterday.

My poor girls are suffering, I feel, because of my job. I mean yes, they get to have fun playing at the preschool and stuff but when we get home I feel like I just don't want them to excist. I am tired of dealing with all children and I take it out on them.

I know that this current emotional state I am in is a temperary one and that once i am more regulated I will have a better day but I still feel I will be horrible for my girls. Well I guess this is something to work on now.


Kelli said...

Hey, I've totally been there before...feeling like, "I totally suck as a mom!" Been there a lot actually. One thing I think is important though is that I think you are a lot less depressed since working at the school. Your daughters see that you maybe are happier and work hard. That's important too. I had those days too at the daycare I worked at...and I didn't even have kids yet!!! Hang in there. Pray for strength.

Starmom74 said...

Man can I relate to this!

All I can say sweety is that soon this feeling will pass.

Prayer is the one thing that kept me sane during great times of stress when you kids were little.

Just know your not the only one who has ever felt these feelings.