Friday, June 01, 2007

The graduation and possible ramblings lol

OK so the graduation was great. It seemed that the parents who came really enjoyed it. I hope I am still around to get a chance to do it agian.

now the ramblings.

It has been a tough week with all the prep for getting this graduation done with. The stress has been pretty high. But a few things have helped here. Aaron and I decided not to move. MOstly because we lost the chance at this great house, but also because we can't handle the complications that keep arising to move. SO for now we are staying in this place. But we do have a great home for our dog Crissy. My director Jessie is going to take her after she moves to her house this month. So I am happy about that. Oh and we are hoping to keep Jack the cat but that depends on wether our landlord agrees to that or not. He does not know we have him right now. but it will be nice to have everything on the up and up at last lol. Well it is time for me to conquer Small world with my awesomeness. I am the boss agian for the day. lol.


Kelli said...

Glad to see you are in good spirits and enjoying yourself:)

lavender & sage said...

thanks I am!!