Sunday, May 06, 2007


Wow this is kind of in addition to my new fashion. As most of you know I have gotten into making necklaces and stuff. Well I really got heavily into it because my mom wanted a neclace for her horse as a training device. Then I realized how much fun it was comming up with designs. So I made a ton. I even tried selling them on Ebay. And while I sold some I did not make enough to feel like it was worth keeping up. So I stopped making necklaces for quite while.

Then I was watching a show of mine and saw this 3 stran silver necklace one of the actresses was wearing and fell in love with it. Well I realized that I could make that easy. So it got me to go out and look at the beads and such and I started making necklaces that went with my new wardrobe. They were great and inspiring. And now I have soooooo many necklaces lining my bathroom wall that I could almost wear one each day for a month and not wear one twice.

Its Crazy!!!.

I would really like to design some and try selling them agian but I struggle with that idea because it takes sooo much effort to sell items like this. Well it is something I will have to continue to ponder as time goes by.

But I really do enjoy making these and I will try and get my scanner set up today so I can post my favorites and such on here.

***Dang Camera broke***

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