Friday, December 29, 2006

OK just an update

Since I have uploaded a ton of pictures I thought I would give a breif update on how things are going for us.

Aaron has soo far lost 12 lbs in his quest to complete phase 2 of becomming a Washington State Trooper. I am soo proud of him. He has resisted so much temptation in food and not excersizing. He is getting more and more excited as the weight burns off.

I have also lost a ton of weight. I have gone down a full pant size. My mom gave me some old pants she had saved and all but one pair fit me. It was great. And I look forward to lossing more weight as the time goes on. More good news for me is that i was recently given a promotion at work. I am now a Supervisor. I got a raise and of course more responsibilities. I am now incharge of making sure all chores get done by me and the other two girls. The two girls answer directly to me when quesstions arise about daily things. And I am incharge of getting an infant class organized. Plus in another 6 months there is a chance I could be made Manager. So I am very excited.

The girls had a wonderful Christmas. They got alot of toys to entertain themselves with (thankfully for me). They also managed to get some new clothes which is nice as well. They got to see both Grandparents this year which is always a great thing for them. I am most excited for school to start back up myself. The 3 of them are climbing the walls. lol

We recently let Snowball adventure out of his cage and quickly discovered it was too soon for him. Not only did he start pooping all over (thankfully not peeing) but he also started to hump Snowflake with a passion, which made me realize that he is definatly not neutered. But Snowflake let him which I found rather disturbing. But then after a second try on Snowball's part Snowflake turned around and started to attack him. They did circles in the cage then took it out of the cage and Aaron and I had to break them up. Poor boys, both of them were breathing really hard and seemed sooo upset. Oh and how did the cat react to all of this. Well he sat there with a very confused look on his face not sure of what was going on or what to do. I am glad he chose to stay out of it though. He is one smart cat (sometimes). Well now Snowball will be a caged bunny for another month or two before we try that agian. Plus I am going to see if we can get him neutered before he comes out again.

Well thats it for now. I will update agian as soon as somethign worthy comes along LOL

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Kelli said...

Congrats on the weight loss guys! You guys are doing awesome. I am so happy for you. The photos of your girls are just beautiful. They are so pretty. I miss and love you guys so much:)