Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Morning 2006

OK so we woke up at 7 am that morning but it was not technically Christmas Morning. We had decided to do our Christmas morning on Christmas eve since we were traveling all day christmas and the day after. So here is what the tree looked like after Santa came and before the girls attacked it.

Now I would love to show youthe pictures of the girls first reactions to the tree but in both pics cherise has no pants on so its a bit to indecent for the net.
But here are the girls attacking thier stockings. Maddy is very intreged with her decoration. lol

Here is Cherise showing off all the presents that Santa left for her.

Here is what Maddy got.

And the big winner would be Kayla this year wth by far the most gifts uner the tree. But whos counting. lol

After opening all thier individual presents the girls worked together to open thier group gift.

Here Kayla knows what it is!!

ohh now theey all know. Se how excited they are about it.

We got them a really cute doll house and then later they got alot of accesories from the grandparents.

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Starmom74 said...

Looks like they really had fun there!