Wednesday, December 06, 2006

car problem update

It is done. It was cool that they were able to get it fixed while we were at work yesterday and it cost us $50.00 less then we thought it would. So that makes it even better. And today should be a good day. Especially since tomorrow is my day off. YEAH!!!

We cot our first Christmas card yesterday. It was a picture card form my hubby's sister and her hubby. It was cute. I have to find a place to put it. We normally do not get cards so it was nice but unexpected. lol Well off to work now.

***20 Days till Christmas***


Kelli said...

I'm so glad things turned out to be not too bad in the car arena. I know how it feels to have extra costs show up in an already tightly budgeted month. Just in the past week and a half every member of our family developed a nasty sinus infection. We all went to the doctore where three out of the four of us had developed ear infections and Jeremy's was close to developing into pnemonia...! Sheesh! Luckily Traci came out for the weekend and helped us out since we were all sick...I don't know what I would have done without her. So with the copays for the doctor visits and antibiotics...well you can imagine. LOL I'm just happy to be feeling better finally! I want to send out Christmas cards but don't know if it will actually happen...I want to because Jer's aunt took our family photo. I'm going to try!:) I miss you. We need to talk. Maybe tomorrow you will be online and we can chat since it is your day off. Love ya girl. Merry Christmas time!


lavender & sage said...

Sorry I was going to call you back last night but I was soo tired after the play that I crashed on the couch. I will try to call you tonight.