Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wow What a way to wake up!?!?!

Man I fell asleep on the couch while the girls where watching tv. Then I woke up to the phone rininging. I remembered that before I fell asleep my hubby was on the computer. So I call out to have him answer the phone. But he did not. SO I called a few more times but then remembered that he was in the shower. So I get up and grab the phone and its my friend, Kelli, that is moving. She starts talking about how she has to move this weekend and I am still trying to wake up. I ask her to stop for a second because I thought I was missing a daughter. I told her that I think my hubby forgot to pick up my oldest from kindergarden and I look at the time and its 2 hours after the time he should have. SO I am panicing and then I see her sitting on the floor with my other daughter's. So then I am talking to my friend telling her all this and she is having a panic atack about moving soo soon.

We both calm down and I wake all the way up and we figured out what she needed from me to help the packing to get it done by this saturday. Yea 2 days of packing up a big apartment to move to Utah. Oh boy is this going to be crazy!! But I am going to do everythign I can to make sure ths goes as smoothly as I can for her. Moving is not fun and it makes it worse when you have to do it fast.

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