Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Feel much better today

Not sure if it is because of the extra sleep I got (actually went to bed at 11 instead of later) or if it the fact that I actually did some cleaning and feel of some worth this morning. But I do feel alot better then I have the past few days. I am soo glad. I thought I need to be institutionalized, or I was asking for it. I don't know. Anyway I hope the worst is behind me for a while.

I decided to do some baking today. I made the best brownies ever (not from a box ) and some strawberry Jelly tarts. Mmmmmm They are all soo good. Soon is my husbands birthday and I am going to make him Potatoe salad and Cookies and cream Jello pie. Soo good can't wait.

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