Friday, May 26, 2006

Its soo hard to be a 6 yr old girl today!

Well last night I had Kellis daughter, Gracie(4) over so that they could focus on packing the house for the move. Well Kayla and Gracie were not getting along too well. I had to tell Gracie and Cherise several times to stop being mean to my oldest. They kept telling kayla things like "we don't like your room, or we are not yoru friends". SO I talked to them abtou being nice a things seemed to get better until about 6 pm when Kayla and Gracie got into a fight about a play chair that Gracie was playing with. I went in to intervene and could tell Kayla was very angry and I warned her and Gracie that if they did anything to harm each other that Kayla was going to go to straight to bed and Gracie was going to spend some heavy time in timeout.

Well after the talk I left and then Kayla almost immediatly ripped the chair out of Gracies hand causing her cousin to fall back and hit her back on the bed. So I told all the kids to get out of Kayla's and she went to bed at a little past 6 last night. She did alot of crying and shouting and slamming of her door. But I felt she deserved the punishement after doing that to her cousin.

So finally she feel asleep and I went in to check on her and I found that she had ripped down a picture I drew for her and had ripped that up, and she had also pulled down one of her shelves. Well after that this morning was kind of tense for me. She got sad after I pointed out what she had done and how she had lost that great shelf and picture. And I gave her her usual breakfast and she said she was too sad to eat. SO she ended up going to school with only a few bites of breakfast .

I am going to have a very hungry and sad little girl when she gets home. Its sooo hard to be 6.


Starmom74 said...

Wow isn't that typical of a 6 year old! Though I think you handled it GREAT.

lavender & sage said...

Thanks mom!!