Friday, May 19, 2006

Very big scare for me and my family

OK so last night (at about 12:30) when my dh and i where trying to get to sleep we smelled smoke comming from outside through our window. At first we just played it off as a far off fire because it was a light smell. But then the smell got much stronger. So we got up and went on to our balcony to take a look around to see if we could see a fire (we live in a small town and can see alot of it from our balcony). Well we saw nothing that looked like a fire. But we called he fire department anyway because the smell was soo strong.

We saw the police scaning around town but we could tell they could not find anything. Well we were looking around and we saw some smoke comming from below our deck. So we called the fire department agian and told them we thought it was comming from our down stairs neighbor. And we got the kids up and just as I was heading out the door with them the firemen came and found that the source of the smoke was that our down stairs neighbors had been using a plastic pot for an ash tray and a cigarette was melting the plastic and about ready to catch the siding on the building on fire. Not to mention the fact that it was sitting on a wooden railing.

This really scared the heck out of me. Especially after it was all taken care of and the thoughts started comming that if we had gone to bed earlier and fell asleep that the building would have caught on fire bad. The Fire cheif said that the siding on our building goes real fast when its caught on fire. Oh and our neighbors had put the cigarette in the pot and then left because when the firemen knocked on htier door no one answered.

Well the fire cheif hopefully will talk to them tonight. I personally hope they get fined for this. But this is the closest my familyand I have come to something like this. Now I am scared to go to sleep tonight for fear that it will happen agian.

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