Friday, July 06, 2007

Man i am finding it more and more difficult ot get on her and share lately. Its just sooo crazy with my girls and work and all that entales.

We have been trying to get our house more organized so we appreciate it better. It is driving us crazy to have been in this place for so long i think. And its only been almost 2 years lol. But that is just how we are.

We still would like ot move to a place with a yard so the girls are not trapped in the house on nights and weekends but we are just not at a status to acomplish that right now.

My dearest friends in Utah want us to move down there and I really do want to be close to them I am just not sure that I want ot live down there. It would be far from my family and it gets such extreme weather for me. Plus with all the crap that Jessie is going through I feel like i need to be with her right now. So Aaron has been talking about moving down thier on his own to try out this job to see if he can find us a good place to live and see if the money would be worth it. I think I would be ok with him going for a while but i know I would end up emotionally unstable from it too. But we shall see what happens I guess.

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