Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well things at the preschool are crazy as always but now we have an even crazier twist. The partnership between my bosses is going south. I can not give any details yet but I will as soon as I can. I just know that in the next few months I will either be working souly for Jess or I won't have a job but I don't know yet which.


SO on to other things. I had a chance to go to Ashley's wedding this last Saturday. And I think the best part for me was seeing Kelli and Traci. It was really great. I don't feel like I got to see Kelli a whole lot but I will be making up for that in a few weeks when I go to Traci's wedding in July. So its all good. But I did make a difficult thing for Traci better. But over all the event seemed to go great and everyone had a good time. We were exhausted the next day and almost did not get anything done till 4 in the afternoon when I finally started some laundry.

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