Sunday, July 29, 2007

*`^~^`*My Quest*`^~^`*

I have entered into a quest. It is a quest to make things better for my family. We have thought about this quest and have entered it a few times with real determination. Up until now we have failed. But this time our quest will succeed!!

So why am I so confidant and assured of myself for this time when every other time we try we fail. It is really quite simple really. I have made it happen in my head. I can seemy family in our house with the things that we have struggled so hard to attain. I see Aaron with his job that he loves to do and is making the money we have always needed. I can see myself doing the things that I want too.

I am excerting my faith in the Lord and my understanding that he wants us to be happy. My faith has always been thier but so has my doubt. So I am not allowing the doubt to enter in to this quest. This will happen. How it will happen I do not know exactly, neither do I know when. But all I do need to know is that it will.

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