Monday, July 23, 2007

The latest

This are going great. I went to Utah for Traci's wedding. That was such a great thing. I was glad to beable to go there. I will talk about that later though.

While I was waiting for traci and Josh to come out of the temple I have a long talk with Kelli's husband Jeremy. He talked about how if you want something all you need to do is to remain positive about getting it and be willing to work hard for it and you can have it. I totally got everything he was talking about. And from that talk I decided that we really needed to move to Utah.

so with that desition made I started thinking of how we could accomplish this. I told Jeremy that I could send Aaron up here to find a place to live and start at a job till he had enough saved to move us up there.

Jeremy talked about making possibilities a reality. He said I have to be patient. Its hard but i am. But in the mean time i ma visualizing my new life in Utah with all my dearest friends around. being able to do as I want. Provide a more comfortable enviroment for my family and have the resources to help others too.

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