Friday, October 06, 2006

It has been a while!

Man my life is soo dang busy now. I barely have time to get on here and take care of the things that are important, let alone do the fun stuff. lol But I wanted to do an update on how I was doing and how my job is and my family and such.

My job is going pretty good. I love teaching the 2 yr olds. I do nto love however this 4 month old baby boy that we took on a few weeks ago. He is a nursing, spoiled, colicky little brat!!!!!! He drives all of us crazy over there. And many times I have heard my bosses say they were going to boot him but then he is still there the next day with no sign of him leaving. Now do not get me wrong. I really do love babies in general. I have 3 girls and always enjoyed the baby stage. But this baby is soo colicky at times its nuts. You hold him he cries. You rock him he cries. And you know that he was just fed and changed. i have never had to deal with a baby like this. So for me this is hard. But I am doing the best I can with it. Eventually either he will get better or he will be gone. Oh but when he smiles and talks he is very cute.

So how am I doing? Well the past few weeks I have been pretty stressed out about work things and financial things. But I am trying to over come that. Emotionally I have been pretty messed up too. I have been having some pretty big mood swings. My husband is noticing that most of them are directed at him which makes me sad at myself. I just am not sure what to do about them either. I have been trying to talk to Aaron about them but it only goes soo far. And I don't feel comfortable with anyone else here to share my inermost feelings. Its sooo hard right now.

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