Friday, October 13, 2006

I got a kitten!!

We went last night and got the cutest black and white male kitten. He is about 4 months old. He is soooo cute. Even before we left the pet store we had him named Jack. He is exploring the house this evening for a bit but never gets farther then the halway lol. I am excited to see how him and the bunny get along eventually.

I do not have any pics of him yet because I need to get the batteries recharged for my camera. But as soon as I do I will post a bunch of him.

oh and did I mention that he is CUTE!!


Kelli said...

That is sooooo fun! I am so excited for you guys. A cat seems to suit you guys perfectly. You will probably really enjoying having a cat to cuddle with when you are watching your shows huh? Jack the kitten sounds so cute:) Congrats to you guys! I'll bet the girls adore the kitten already!

lavender & sage said...

Oh yea I totally love him
And aaron hasn't had any allergy problems soo far and its been 3 days. But I have made sure to have him drugged up too cause I do not want the cat to cause problems for him. But I will post pictures now and let you see him. LOL