Monday, October 16, 2006

I have lost my voice

This is not a metaphor for anything I have litterally lost my voice. I have had a cold for that past few days and I could tell it was going last night. Well it left. lol So today at the preschool should be interesting if they have me stay. i am not sure if they will. But seeing as there would only be 2 people there i bet i will be there for atleast most of the day if not all. Oh well.

My girls are very concerened for me though. But at fisrts when aaron told them I lost my voice cherise said "you lie dad." lol And then they thought I was tricking them. lol. BUt now Kayla is telling me to rest my voice and cherise is trying to see if she can find it for me. lol Well they are cute!!

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