Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Feeling very unapreciated!!

Ok i volenteered to plan the Halloween party for work. First mistake! It consisted of a haunted house, fishing game, painting under a black light, face painting, and treats.

Monday I spent a good 45 minutes blacking out a room with big black garbage bags only to be old there was a change we could not do that activity because they did not yet have the paint or the black lights.

So then yesterday. I did my usual cleaning after lunch and was trying to get some of the decorations up I could while the little one slept in the room for the Haunted house. But there was this mom that was freaking out because her little girls where watching movies everyday at relax time instead of being allowed to read books in a different room. So she came at relax time and put her kids in the main room and tread them books for a coog 45 minnutes making it difficult for me to be allowed to get what I needed done.

So it was time to get the Haunted house done (the biggest undertaking for the party). Where was my help. Well out getting groceries, or preparing snacks, or getting the paint for the black room. i had to have a parent help me which was very appreciated but hard because she had her daughter fallowing her. And the haunted house did not turn out like i would have liked it too.

SO we get the kids all dressed ( i never have a chance to get in my costume) and I explain to them what activities they can do and we send them off in groups to start with. I did the face painting which I actualy did not mind. But after getting all the kids done I hear that the haunted house is falling apart. Great!! All my hard work going down before its supost too. Oh well.

SO after we let the kids go trick or treating in the building and settle in one of the rooms to eat thier candy i was told to start cleaning up with the other girls.

So after planning a bomb diggidy party and doing all the decorations including hand drawing and painting an awesome witches cauldron out of cardboard, setting up and tearing down the Haunted house, blacking out the black light room, and doing the face painting, what thanks do I get?? Well none because my bosses where to worried about going out trick or treating with there kids to even care that I was leaving. Oh yea I feel very unapreciated.

They expect me to do some stuff for them for the Christmas program they are planning. And right now I am having a real hard time wanting to do any of it. But i will because I am excited to do all the drawing and painting they want. But they better show me some appreciation for this or I am out!!!

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Kelli said...

It makes me sad when people take your kindness for granted and walk all over you! I love you!