Sunday, June 18, 2006

Things my dad told me on Father's Day!!

My dad and I were talking on MSN together (kind of a rare occurance) and out of the blue he said the nicest things to me. I have not heard him say these things to me much. SO i find this very special!!

"Do you know I still have that email you sent me about working in the garden? I never did thank you for that. It was very special to me to know that you did learn and listen as you were growing up."

"I love you very much and am proud of the things you are doing. I understand you are working in a daycare. You will do very well there. As I told mom, those kids need loving and you do that well."

"I am so glad you are my daughter. You take care of yourself and those precious little ones you are responsible for."

I want to always remember these statements made by the greatest man I know!!!


Starmom74 said...

Ok this one made me tear up.

Kelli said...

That is so sweet. I'm so glad you got to hear those special words from your dad:) That is very cool.

lavender & sage said...

Thanks you guys this made me so happy to beable to post.