Sunday, June 25, 2006

Having summer fun

This weekend we had planned to stay home for both days and get all the relaxation as possible. I have been feeling like crude and so has Maddy and Aaron. But after getting a boost of energy enough to clean most of the house I suggested to Aaron that we go to Spring Valley and finally do some swimming there. So we did it. It was alot of fun. We got Cherise a new swim suit and all of us some swim shoes and we had a blast. The girls really got into it. Especially Cherise and Kayla. They were all over the lake. Maddy had a harder time actually wanting to get into the water but eventually she got in up to her waist.

I started to teach the girls how they can swim. We did the back float and tried the trust thing. And then we moved on the the breast stroke hehe. Kayle enjoyed both of them for a small amount of time but cherise wasn't too keen on the back float. But both of them did dunk themselves atleast once in the water. It was fun.

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