Sunday, June 04, 2006

Messy kids

Man I wish I had a picture of everytime my kids made a true mess of themselves or of things through even just the last 2 weeks. Not to mention thier whole lives.

Just in the past two weeks my daughters have:

*Drawn on the walls with black crayon and pencil
*Drawn on themselves with perminant marker and lipstick (my toilet got the lipstick too)
*put various soapy things in thier hair with out being in the bath, lotion, lubricant, conditioner, shampoo, handsoap
*put food in a compartment in thier bedroom and left it there long enough to mold
*slather shamoo all over my toilet
*Crunch top ramen packets and empty them allover the bathroom floor
*Spray baby powder all over themselves and my bathroom or bedroom

These are things that have happened over the past few years thatare truely funny.

*Get into Kellis fridge and take out milk, eggs, butter, and other things and proceed to make a cake on her kitchen floor (lol Kelli you remember that lol)
*dig in my plants and spread the dirt all over my carpet (3-4 times they did this)

(TO be clear..this last picture of cherise is not of her flipping me of like it looks. lol This one goes with the above one where she wrote allover herself with permenant marker. She told me that she drew a friend on her finger. I asked her to show me and that is what she did. I just felt the need to document it hehehe)

Well those are the only pictures I coul dfind of memorable messes they have made. It figures they are of Cherise hehee. Madison now is our biggest mess maker so I will take future pictures of her. I am sure I will have many opportunities to do so. LOL


Starmom74 said...

Heheheeee the joys of having children around.

Shall I list some of the things their "mother" did???

lavender & sage said...

No that you can save for your own blog hehehee.

lavender & sage said...

oh and besides I have more I just could not think of all of them lol