Thursday, June 01, 2006

**I have a job dang it!!!**

Once agian I have someone telling me that I should get a job to get our family under a better financial situation. Someone that we met up with a few days ago said that they had a leadon a great job for Aaron. We got very excited because it would be quite a change in pay. Aaron contacted them today and asked abtou that lead and what he needed to do to get it and he was met with this response:

I know you got interested in that job. It would be nice, but the possibility of it is slim. Because of a few reasons. First, they have to see if anyone in the whole company is interested in it first. Then after that when they go out and find someone, they are looking for someone with about 10 years experience. I know you have some, but currently not enough. We will for sure keep our eyes open for jobs that you would do well in. But also, jobs that are worth uprooting the family and moving here. I would love to have you guys here, but it has to be for your family's benefit first.

I just kind of went off this morning about a few things. I think you need to start looking for another job around there that pays more and go to your boss and say. " I have this job, they are willing to pay me this much. If you can meet or beat it I will stay. Otherwise, I have to go." And if they say see ya, then oh well, you have another job that will pay more. If not then you get a raise. Also I really think you need to tell Sabrina to get either a night job or get a job when you are home. I know it sucks cause then you won't be with each other as much, but it is money. I know she wants to wait till the girls are all in school. But if she worked when you were home then it wouldn't be like she is having a babysitter or something. I dunno, I just want you to be happy and have the things you deserve. I think you should do what it takes to be a police officer. You would do sooo well and be sooo happy. You just deserve to be happy and so does your family. If that mean! s a bab ysitter or time without eachother than so be it. Ya know? Don't be mad at me, just understand that I want the best for you guys!

Now i know that we have been struggling to make our life better but we did not ask for these people to do anything to helpo that out. When we were with them they talked up this job alot and made it sound like he really had a chance to get it. BUt then only to be met with anger when he asked about it so he could prepare.

Now sure me getting a job that would take place when Aaron is not working would be ideal. Unfortunatly we live in a small town that does not cater to the needs of a stay at home mom looking for a short hour part-time job. And because of my weight the only job that i feel I could do successfully and beable to stick with is one I am sitting for a good portion of the day. The only two options I can think of here is the telemarketer jobs and a receptionist. Now I have looked into the telemarketer jobs here and none of them have hours that would work around my husband squedule.

Ok so we are not the wealthiest people and we do have times at the end of the month that a bit of extra money would help us out. But I do not think that it is wrong of me to want to stay home while my kids are young and be with them. I have told Aaron that I am willing to get a job when they are in school for most of the day. That is just next school year. That is not even that far away. I could then get a part time job and feel like i can succeed at it. Or another option is to go back to sewing doll clothes and selling them on eBay. I can not do that now because of where my sewing machine sits and the fact I can not trust my kids out in the livingroom by themselves.

I know that I am making the best decission for me and my family right now. And we get all our bills paid and even have some money for fun after that. I do nto see how me getting a job right now would make too much of a difference. But thanks anyway.


Starmom74 said...

Well. You could redo your kitchen and front room, which would alow your sewing area to be where you can watch the kids and sew also.

Working outside the home right now is NOT a good idea.

Tell that person to stick their noses where the sun doesn't shine and do what is good for your family!

lavender & sage said...

Thanks Mom. I talked to her and we worked it out. She now understands. I do wish I could find a spot for my sewing machine in the livingroom or dinningroom. But the only way I can do that is if I out the computer in the bedroom. And i have done that before and its not fun. SO no thanks!! lol

But things are going good enough financially right now.

lavender & sage said...

This is a comment from my sister:

you know what is funny, travis an i are having finantial problems and we both have jobs and dont nearly have as much obligations as you two. and you know what gets me through? is thinking about you two and the fact that only aaron works and you guys still make it.

im serious though like there are times where we wil have just no money or be in the red and i wonder how it would be when we get married and i have kids if we would be able to make it . but you guys make it.

I think this is really sweet of my sister to tell me!!