Friday, June 13, 2008

Oliver the tiger

I love my ca soo much. He thinks he is a huge tiger lol. Plus he thinks Kayla is a cat too.

A few days ago he was zooming into the livingroom and I suprised him and he went SMACK into the sliding glass dorr. lol He is a dork.

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Kelli said...

He is so cute. We got two kittens for free who are brother and sister. We are having so much fun with them. The boy is orange and the girl is browninsh black. She is named Minnie and he is Georgie. They are living in Gracie's room right now mostly because they are only 6 weeks old. She is in heaven with them but of course manhandles them all the time ;) But they are sweet and like to be snuggly and play too.