Saturday, June 28, 2008

being a girl is hard

OK so Kayla who is 8 wanted to have a sleep over with her two best friends. So I took all 5 girls to the pool after work and we went and got pizza and then the girls started playing. Well they seemed to be doing great until I started going to bed at 10.

One of her friends said she wanted to go home cause she missed her mom. So We called mom and mom said to hang out for a half an hour and then see how she felt after that. Well I went to bed after that and left th 3 girls in the livingroom to watch movies. Aaron was playing the computer so they were not totally alone. But I guess the one friend did not want to stay after that 30 minutes because she called her mom agian and went home.

So it was kayla and one friend. But then soon after the other friend wanted to go home too. So Aaron came in a told me he was taking the other friend home too. Well this morning Aaron told me that Kayla went with him and after he dropped off the other girls she started to cry. I guess the girls really wanted to go home because each wanted to do something different and couldn't agree on what to do. Put that with the fact that the past 2 nights they have been at each others house and you have a bad situation.

So now I have my sweet Kayla soo sad because her two friends abandond her on a night she had been looking forward to all week long. I am soo sad for her. I hope I can do something to make up for this dissapointment. I know aaron does not understand why this happened at all. I do unfortunatly having been a girl dealing with this stuff when I was young.

Being a girl is hard!!

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spaceyhawks said...

Poor thing. Being a girl is super hard. Give her lots of hugs and kisses from Aunt Traci. Cookies and ice cream cheer me up. lol.