Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ok so this is getting old I am sure

I just do not know how to handle other peoples mood swings. So I am asking for your help.

So i told you about Jessie possibly making me director maybe. Well yesteray she starts talking about how we might have to closethe preschool because of what people are trying to do with our parking lot.

SO I need to learn how to not let things effect me to the point that I get mad at people. When I left work she seemed emotional but ok. then I came back to pick up my kids and tried to talk to her abotu the newsletter and i was waiting while she talked to a parent but she wouldn't even accnowledge me at all. So I just left them instead of trying to talk. SO all last night I was mad with her and vented to aaron but it did not help this time. SO what do I do????

OK off to work now. UGH SOOOO tired. :(

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