Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am going through a power struggle as I am typing this with my 5 yr old daughter. I am trying to get her to drink her medication )laxative). It does not taste like anything and it is her favorite color. I have told her all the fun things she can do after she drinks it but she still refuses. There are people that have critisized me for not giving her her meds as consistantly as I should have. And I do hold alot of this blame over myself. But today, this very morning, is one of the very reasons that I have not been as consistant as I should have.

It has been 15 minutes (so far) of her sitting in the chair at the table with no stimulation around for her to be distracted with. I have used every modivation I can think of to get her to drink. I have given her a time out, I have spanked her twice (with NO anger), I have bribed her, I have told her she will miss school and a bath, I even pretended to get a call from her beloved duck that she left at her school last night saying how sad he was that she would not be picked up by her today. And still she is refusing to drink. SO please someone (Please!) tell me how to get her to drink her water. I am at a loss.

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