Wednesday, April 19, 2006

random thoughts

well I am trying to put my thoughts in order in my head about everything that is going on in my life. Its kinda hard right now. My head is filled with thoughts of trying to understand why I feel so lazy and sad right now. It is also thinking about all the things i still have yet to do. And I can not get past the thoughts of where am I going wrong in life.

I am trying to break out and become a better person. I have figured out some of the problems with my marriage and with myself and kids. Of course I can not be expected to figure out all the problems or even solve the problems I have realized over night. But lately I have felt as though I have not really been solving or even trying to solve problems but more like them covering up.

Well today I am taking my kids and husband (who is home sick) to the park to finally have some fun in the sun. We will be bringing our bunny, Snowflake, with us. He is always good for laughs. And hopefully when we come back I can be back to some semblance of my self from the past few weeks.

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